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Collection of all the events happened during the 1st Year of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji in Advanced Nurturing High School ( (こう) () (いく) (せい) (こう) (とう) 学校 (がっこう) , Kōdo Ikusei Kōtō Gakkō) in the Light novel Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e (ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ)


List of Events


School Enrollment — First Semester's Midterm Exam

Most of The Class D Students used up all the private points they received at the time of admission in April. At the start of May, it was informed that the private points they receive every month is based on their lifestyle in the class and their grades. Due to several instances of rules being broken, Class D has ended with 0 class points.
The more academic capable students Hirata and Suzune hold a study session for the mid-terms in order to raise their class points from next month. After various problems, when the study session got off to the good start, it was revealed that their homeroom teacher had failed to tell them about the change in syllabus for the exam. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, in order to acquire past questions, contacted a 3rd Year Class D student together with Kushida and obtained the previous questions with help of private points he had saved.
The day before the exam, He asked Kushida to share those papers to help save the students from expulsion. Despite their efforts, Ken Sudō who couldn't remember the past paper failed in the English paper by only one point. He was asked to drop out by their teacher. However Horikita and Kiyotaka negotiated to purchase a point to save Sudō from expulsion using 100,000 private points.

Case of Assault Incident

Three Class C students appealed to school of being beaten by Ken Sudō. Kiyotaka and the others in Class D proceed to save Sudō, who claims to have been framed by Class C. Suzune, however was reluctant to save Sudō due to his attitude, but after been persuaded by Kiyotaka and Kushida agreed to help. Suzune revealed that their classmate, Airi Sakura, was the witness to the assault that they have been searching for.
Airi, initially avoided them refusing to help, but with the help of Kushida, they managed to get her to help. Airi testifies that she had witnessed the assault, but her being a Class D student led to her testimony being not considered conclusive evidence of Sudo's innocence, and the deliberations led up to the theory that Airi had colluded with Class D to appear as a fake witness. Kazuma Sakagami, the class C teacher, proposes suspension of both sides in view of the assault history of Daichi Ishizaki, one of the boys who had complained, but Suzune insisted that Sudō was not guilty leading to deliberations being halted for the day.
Under the guidance of Suzune, Kiyotaka cooperating with Class B's Ichinose Honami, installed a fake surveillance camera at the scene of the incident. When Ishizaki and his colleagues arrived at the scene, they were forced to believe the false fact that the school had known the truth of the case from the beginning, Ishizaki and others, afraid of dropping out had to withdraw their complaint, and the case came to an end.



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