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The three idiots.

The 3 Idiots of D-Class (Dクラスの3バカ, Dī Kurasu no San Baka) is a group which comprises three students from Class 1-D who lack high intellect and have very low academic abilities. They are:

Trivia Edit

  • Since Class D is known for housing students with defective traits, each boys has their own faults.
    • Sudō is known for his hot-headed temper and his low intelligence.
    • Ike has poor intelligence and a tendency to waste his school points.
    • Yamauchi has a habit of stretching the truth.
  • While lacking in academics, the boys each have talents that make-up for their shortcomings.
    • Sudō is a skilled basketball player and fighter.
    • Ike has excellent communication skills and is an expert in camping due to his childhood.
    • Yamauchi has good maturity as he easily handled a rejection from Airi Sakura.

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