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A Teasing Partner cover
"A Teasing Partner"
 Japanese 意地悪なパートナー
 Rōmaji Ijiwaruna Pātonā
Book Data
 Author Shōgo Kinugasa (Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Illustration)
 SS No. 37
 Available in Light Novel Volume 8 (Melon Books' Privilege-only)
 Cover Kei Karuizawa
 Release Date May 25, 2018 (JP)
SS Chronology
 Previous "Weariness of the Heart"
 Next "That First Year Boy"
Character Debut
None in this SS

"A Teasing Partner" (意地悪なパートナー, Ijiwaruna Pātonā) is a short story from Melon Books' store privilege for volume 8 of You-Zitsu light novel series, together with other three short stories.

Summary Edit

During the Outdoor School Special Exams, Kei Karuizawa was asked by Kiyotaka Ayanokōji to commit herself to understanding the feelings and thoughts of the girls' group. They were unable to contact each other during the cafeteria periods, lest they rouse the suspicions of people like Miyabi Nagumo.

However, an opportunity had arrived on the third day, and Kei got the signal from Kiyotaka to meet. After leaving her group inconspicuously, she sat by a table while holding a tray of food behind Kiyotaka.

After an exchange of affectionate banter, Kei brought up the topic of Kakeru Ryūen. She explained that him stepping down as leader of C-Class made her and the other girls concerned for what is to come. Kiyotaka guaranteed that Ryūen would not pose any threat to Kei.

Kei was flustered at being called by her first name, as she was still not used to it. She was called by her first name a second time, which flustered her more. However, she found out that Kiyotaka was teasing her when he called her name the third time. Kei found it increasingly harder to not turn around and stop the act of the girl slowly eating her meal.

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