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Kakeru RyūenEdit

Albert is one of Kakeru's classmates who serve as one of his men, mainly his enforcer. He is very loyal to Kakeru and is willing to put aside his personal feelings and attack Daichi Ishizaki for failing in his task. As noted by Mio, Albert appears to unwavering in his loyalty to Kakeru while he makes no argument to this statement.

Mio IbukiEdit

While nothing is known about their relationship, it appears that she knows him very well as she was shocked that he would grab her and throw her on the ground after she tried to confront Kakeru. Mio voiced her disappointment in him for becoming a follower of Kakeru as he looked at her with an unfazed expression and walked off. Due to the ending of the survival test, it appears this was simply an act for D-class to believe.

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