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Chihiro is a part of Class B and is often seen hanging out with her classmates and friends.

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Honami Ichinose Edit

Episode 001-101

Chihiro and Honami Ichinose.

Honami is Chihiro's classmate and former crush. In Episode 4, Chihiro hugged Honami after they learned the class managed to pass the test, she stated she was happy to be in the class with Honami who returned her joy. Chihiro later wrote a love letter to confess her feelings to her but Honami did not reciprocate these feelings and had no idea of how to handle it without hurting her. Honami soon turned to Kiyotaka for his help and he implored to be open about her real feelings to the confession.

When Chihiro saw Honami with Kiyotaka, she was surprised and soon became jealous as she tearfully asked if they were a couple especially after Honami struggled to answer about what they were. However, she was relieved to hear from Kiyotaka they were simply friends as he left them to talk it out. Chihiro was heartbroken when Honami rejected her confession even though they both promised to go back to being friends, which left her crying as she ran off. Despite that, Honami still has hopes they still can be friends even after this event. It is unknown if they ever patched up their friendship after Chihiro's rejection by Honami.

They are later seen hanging out at the pool, suggesting they reached an understanding but they are not shown directly interacting with another.

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