Class 1-A (1年A組, Ichinen Eī-Kumi), simply referred to as A-Class (Aクラス, Eī Kurasu), is one of four classes in the first grade of Advanced Nurturing High School. In the S-System, this class is considered to be the highest ranking among the freshman students of the school. It is the one that most first year students aim to reach after advancing further in their studies. Due to this, class 1-A has a highly competitive environment. Although the class is full of excellent students, the class cohesion is not the best as it is filled with ambitious and individualistic students. During the early parts of the story, the class is divided into two factions fighting over how the class should be led. These are the Sakayanagi Faction and the Katsuragi Faction.

This class would become Class 2-A in 2nd Year arc.


Tomonari Mashima Anime
Tomonari Mashima
Homeroom Teacher
Chie Hoshinomiya CharMug
Chie Hoshinomiya
Subject Teacher
Kazuma Sakagami Anime
Kazuma Sakagami
Subject Teacher
Sae Chabashira CharMug
Sae Chabashira
Subject Teacher

Students Edit

Arisu Sakayanagi CharMug
Arisu Sakayanagi
Class Representative
Kōhei Katsuragi CharMug
Kōhei Katsuragi
Class Representative

General Comments Edit

First Semester – Before Summer Vacation
After electing two leaders and going through both of them provoking one another, enhancing each other, they finally started to run from the starting line in order to not bring disgrace to the name of A-Class. While maintaining a high level, they spent every day free from arrogance and impetuosity.
Special Summer Exam – Deserted Island
Through the cooperation with C-Class in the uninhabited island test in order to maintain the record of the highest number of class points obtained in the past. Even though the result was regrettable, I once again felt the hidden potential of A-Class.
Special Summer Exam – Speranza
In the situation where the class representative Arisu Sakayanagi was absent, they took the exam seriously.
Second Semester – Sports Festival
Although there were also students who were not good at sports, the students who are good at sports took the initiative to integrate the class, the temporary collaboration with D-Class did not arise any problem, and they participated in the competition under these circumstances.
Second Semester – Paper Shuffle
They were basically loyal to their duties and they successfully took the exams.

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