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Class 1-D (1年D組, Ichinen Dī-Kumi), simply referred to as D-Class (Dクラス, Dī Kurasu), is one of four classes in the first grade of Advanced Nurturing High School. In the S-System, this class is considered to be the lowest ranking among the freshman students of the school. In the 1st Year arc, this is the homeroom class of the main protagonists Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, Suzune Horikita, and Kikyō Kushida.

This class would become Class 2-D in 2nd Year arc.


Sae Chabashira CharMug
Sae Chabashira
Homeroom Teacher
Tomonari Mashima Anime
Tomonari Mashima
Subject Teacher
Kazuma Sakagami Anime
Kazuma Sakagami
Subject Teacher
Chie Hoshinomiya CharMug
Chie Hoshinomiya
Subject Teacher


In Volume 1 of the light novels, it was revealed that the number of students in D-Class is approximately 40 (with uniform distribution of students with other classes). However, contrary to the original material, in the anime adaptation, there is only an exact number of students in Class 1-D, that is 25 students.

In the anime, they are arranged in the following seating order:

Soshi Miyamoto CharMug
Soshi Miyamoto
Seat No. 1
Satsuki Shinohara CharMug
Satsuki Shinohara
Seat No. 2
Kokoro Inogashira CharMug
Kokoro Inogashira
Seat No. 3
Nene Mori CharMug
Nene Mori
Seat No. 4
Teruhiko Yukimura CharMug
Teruhiko Yukimura
Seat No. 5
Yōsuke Hirata CharMug
Yōsuke Hirata
Seat No. 6, Class Representative
Kei Karuizawa CharMug
Kei Karuizawa
Seat No. 7
Kayano Onodera CharMug
Kayano Onodera
Seat No. 8
Kikyō Kushida CharMug
Kikyō Kushida
Seat No. 9
Ryōtarō Hondō CharMug
Ryōtarō Hondō
Seat No. 10
Hideo Sotomura LN
Hideo Sotomura
Seat No. 11
Chiaki Matsushita CharMug
Chiaki Matsushita
Seat No. 12
Rokusuke Kōenji CharMug
Rokusuke Kōenji
Seat No. 13
Haruka Hasebe CharMug
Haruka Hasebe
Seat No. 14
Haruki Yamauchi CharMug
Haruki Yamauchi
Seat No. 15
Akito Miyake LN
Akito Miyake
Seat No. 16
Mei-Yu Wang Anime
Mei-Yu Wang
Seat No. 17
Kyōsuke Okiya CharMug
Kyōsuke Okiya
Seat No. 18
Maya Satō CharMug
Maya Satō
Seat No. 19
Kanji Ike CharMug
Kanji Ike
Seat No. 20
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji CharMug
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji
Seat No. 21
Suzune Horikita CharMug
Suzune Horikita
Seat No. 22, Class Representative
Wataru Ijūin CharMug
Wataru Ijūin
Seat No. 23
Airi Sakura CharMug
Airi Sakura
Seat No. 24
Ken Sudō CharMug
Ken Sudō
Seat No. 25

General Comments

First Semester – Before Summer Vacation
D-Class had no cohesion, even the awareness of cooperating between classmates was nonexistent. Some of the students were extremely conceited about their abilities and some students gave up trying hard since the very beginning. The difficult future that was awaiting them was evident.
Special Summer Exam – Deserted Island
Every year, due to the lack of strength of D-Class, they have always used up all the points in the Uninhabited island test. This has become a usual practice. But this year it has caused an extremely big uproar. Although the cohesion among the class was not any different from the previous years, it was just a result brought by good luck.
Special Summer Exam – Speranza
Acting together with other classes for the first time, this perhaps has turned into an opportunity to realize their lack of strength. Coupled with the fact that they can get in touch with students they do not usually have dealings with, as a student, this can probably make completely new discoveries.
Second Semester – Sports Festival
The class cooperating for the first time, it could be considered they have made a big step forward. But increasing their basic abilities is still an urgent task for the future, I expect every student to try harder.
Second Semester – Paper Shuffle
They have adopted a direct strategy to affront the exam and reflected meticulously about the countermeasures. Because of this, they have displayed resourceful answers to unexpected situations. Only that a lot of students have not realized this school's rules, so it is a top priority to continue the long-term observation.


  • According to Sae Chabashira, many of the students were placed in D-Class due to having defective traits.
    • This seems to the case as a majority of them have talents and a flaw as well. Chabashira also stated the most defective in her eyes was Kiyotaka Ayanokōji as he chooses to hide his talents.



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