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Student Council Edit

Miyabi Nagumo Edit

He harbors hatred towards him. He is wary of him and his ways to get things done. He fears him and is in cahoots with Ayanokōji to bring him down.

Manabu Horikita Edit

He idolizes him and supports him in trying to bring down Nagumo. Manabu was the one who approached Ayanokōji with the proposal to bring down Nagumo.

Others Edit

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji Edit

He feels pathetic for himself to approach a 1st year to bring down Nagumo. He is in cahoots with him and passes on information to bring down Nagumo. He is working with him only because Manabu suggested him and doesn't have complete confidence if he can bring Nagumo down.

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