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This is the way I do things. There can be nothing more or less.
— Kakeru Ryūen, Episode 10

Kakeru Ryūen LN visual

Kakeru Ryūen LN 2nd Year Arc visual

Kakeru Ryūen Anime

Kakeru Ryūen
 Japanese 龍園 翔
 Rōmaji Ryūen Kakeru
 Nickname Dragon Boy (ドラゴンボーイ, Doragon Bōi) (by Rokusuke Kōenji and Arisu Sakayanagi)
Mr Naughty (ヤンチャくん, Yancha-kun) (by Rokusuke Kōenji)
 Gender Male Symbol Male
 Age 17
 Birthday Libra Symbol October 20
 Height 173 cm
 Hair Colour Magenta
 Eye Colour Black
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Student ID S01T004711
 Class 1-C (1st Year)
2-C (2nd Year)
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
Class Representative
 Private Point 127056
 Light Novel Volume 3
 Manga Volume 4, Room 15
 Anime Episode 3
 Japanese Masaaki Mizunaka
 English Eric Vale

Kakeru Ryūen ( (りゅう) (えん) (かける) , Ryūen Kakeru) is the class representative of class 2-C who is known for being an infamous delinquent and he does not lead his class by trust, but rather by fear. He has a group of henchmen who do his dirty work, which contributes to his fearsome reputation.

Appearance Edit

  • Kakeru Ryūen's full appearance in the light novel.
  • Kakeru Ryūen's full appearance in the anime.

Kakeru is a young man of average height with shoulder-length magenta hair that is styled on either side and sharp magenta eyes that strike fear onto anyone he met and he has a slim and muscular physique in addition.

In the light novel, he wears the standard uniform of the school. However, in the anime, his dressing consists of a standard red jacket and an unbuttoned black shirt underneath with no tie.

Personality Edit

Kakeru is a blameworthy and delinquent person who likes causing trouble for others, this was seen when he and his gang caused trouble for Ken Sudō.

He also possesses a sadistic side, as shown when he looked as if he was going to attack the helpless Ken after his men held him down only to instead flick him on the head while laughing at his fear. He is very ruthless as he took a glass bottle and hit one of his followers on the head with it, showing no remorse after the act. This shows he is willing to use followers for any goal as he sees fit to achieve his purpose till the end without a second thought. He is also shown to be very insubordinate and disrespectful to certain characters as shown when he spoke with Suzune Horikita and Mio Ibuki even having Albert Yamada throw the latter down after telling her to come to his room.

Despite his intimidating and dangerous appearance, Kakeru is sharp in his own way of thinking as he was quick to cover his tracks by telling Honami Ichinose even when she witnessed the event and he declared that it was self-defense. He would come up with many unexpected strategies, this was seen when he and one of his followers attack an injured follower who failed in his task to get frame Ken Sudō for assault and get him expelled. He also chose not to pick a fight with class 1-A while in the presence of Manabu Horikita, the Student Council president.

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LN Vol 07-12

Kakeru scared as he is attacked by Kiyotaka.

In the light novels, he showed great fear of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji after the latter viciously attacked him with no emotion. This event caused him to note on how shaken he was. Also, he is embarrassed by Rokusuke Kōenji for nicknaming him, which caused Arisu to making fun of him by repeating his embarrassing nickname.

Despite his ruthless nature he does seem to care for his class. For instance, he approached Shiina Hiyori because he's worried about the latter for always being alone

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Plot Edit

Kakeru is first seen harassing Ken Sudō along with members of his gang where Kakeru voices plans for Sudō, but the near brawl is broken up by Honami Ichinose who sees through his obvious lie and threatens to call security if he doesn't cease his act and he complies.

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LN Vol 07-12

Kakeru is given a well-deserved beating by Kiyotaka Ayanokōji

In the light novels, Kakeru thought that someone else besides Suzune Horikita is pulling the strings for D-Class. Catching on to the recent rumors on Honami, Kakeru decided to play along in order to find the true mastermind of D-Class.

In Volume 7, Kakeru had his gang take Kei Karuizawa to the roof to lure out her class mastermind. The person who arrived was Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, who revealed himself as D-Class' mastermind to Kakeru and his gang. Kakeru recognized as the person always near Suzune, while his gang are unable to believe Kiyotaka's claims. All doubts were relieved after he gave them enough evidence, something that caused Kakeru to realize he was using Suzune as a scapegoat. Kakeru then his pawn attack Kiyotaka, but they were easily defeated and Kiyotaka broke Kakeru physically and mentally, beating him up and leaving him terrified. Thus concluded the conflict between the two classes.

Afterwards, in the days after the confrontation, Kakeru decided to withdraw from the school because he felt that he couldn't go on. However, he was surprised to discover that Kiyotaka covered for Kakeru and his followers by taking partial credit for their vandalism when they took Kei and not launching a complaint against them. Kiyotaka even informed Mio Ibuki, Albert Yamada and Daichi Ishizaki about Kakeru's possible plan to drop out which led them to nearly do the same.

Kakeru ultimately rescinded his intentions of leaving and rumors spread of Kakeru giving up his leadership of C-Class and isolating himself from his gang.

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Abilities Edit

Kakeru is notorious delinquent who has gathered many followers and as the representative of his class, he is the leader of his class ruling them not by loyalty but fear.

Academic Abilities Edit

Intellectual Abilities Edit

In spite of his violent mindset, Kakeru is shown to be very intelligent as he forged an alliance with Kōhei Katsuragi to aid him in the survival test. He also planted spies in camps of classes 1-B and 1-D in order to learn the identities of the leaders to gather points for his own class. He did this in a way to garner more points, due to a contract with Kōhei and his plan would be successful had he not been outsmarted by Kiyotaka Ayanokōji.

Physical Abilities Edit

Kakeru is shown to be very strong as he was able to intimidate Daichi Ishizaki, who was a delinquent in middle school that picked fights and was able to scare Ken another delinquent. He also was seen physically harming Mio Ibuki, and overpowered her pretty easily, despite her knowledge of several martial arts skills, while he didn't even flinch when she tried to kick him.

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During his brawl with Kiyotaka Ayanokōji in Volume 7, Kakeru simulated techniques and moves from various martial styles. The former noted that the latter must have self-taught himself to have mastery in his combative skills. Despite his prowess, he was shown to be no match for Kiyotaka's power who easily threw him to the ground and violently attacked him.

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Etymology Edit

  • The name Kakeru means "soar, fly" (翔).
  • Kakeru's surname Ryūen means "dragon" (龍) (ryū) and "garden" (園) (en).

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