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LN 2nd Year Vol 02 cover
You-Zitsu Light Novel 2nd Year Volume 2
Book Data
 Authors Shōgo Kinugasa (Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Illustration)
 Volume No. 16
 Series You-Zitsu
 Pages 328
 Cover Ichika Amasawa
Kazuomi Hōsen
 Release Date June 25, 2020 (JP)
 ISBN 978-4-04-064664-0 (JP)
 Previous Volume 1
Character Debut
None in this volume

This is the second volume of the 2nd Year arc and the overall sixteenth volume of the You-Zitsu light novel series.





"I definitely won't let you get expelled."

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji has managed to avoid the ploy by the new first-years. However,

"Ayanokōji got full marks which shouldn’t be possible. It’s as if I’m watching a magic trick."

His perfect test scores in mathematics are making waves, spreading out like ripples in water.

Meanwhile, Suzune Horikita is requesting to join the Student Council after receiving the test scores. Nagumo is happily accepting her, but he seems to have some other thoughts on that matter however...

While Ayanokōji is getting closer to Karuizawa bit by bit and things begin to change, another school-wide exam is announced to start by summer: The deserted island survival exam.

It will be a group battle and the top 3 groups will receive a huge reward, while the lower ones will receive an expulsion penalty.

Before they reach land, during the prelude to the coming war, they are permitted to create their own groups. A battle to recruit potential personnel is beginning![1]

List of Chapters

  • Prologue: "The White Room Student's Monologue" (ホワイトルーム生の独白, Howaito Rūmu-sei no Dokuhaku)
  • Chapter 1: "School Life is Changing" (変わっていく学校生活, Kawatteiku Gakkō Seikatsu)
  • Chapter 2: "The Flowing Passage of Time" (流れて行く月日, Nagareteiku Tsukihi)
  • Chapter 3: "Summer is Almost Here, a Premonition of a Fierce Battle" (近づく夏、 激戦の予感, Chikazuku Natsu, Gekisen no Yokan)
  • Chapter 4: "The Battles of the First-years and Third-years" (1年生、 3年生たちの戦い, Ichi-nensei, San-nensei-tachi no Tatakai)
  • Chapter 5: "An Invitation" (勧誘, Kanyū)
  • Epilogue: "The Calm Before the Storm" (嵐の前の静けさ, Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa)

List of Short Stories


  • The volume was initially scheduled for a release on May 25, 2020. However, it is delayed for one month due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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