Below is the long summary of volume 2 of the You-Zitsu light novel series.

Prologue Edit

Airi Sakura gives a monologue where she describes what type of person she is, stating that she is not good at interpersonal interaction. She states that because she is alone, she has created a facade in order to hide her true self. Finally, she mentions that she wants more than anything to find a person who can reach her.

Chapter 1 Edit

While looking for good places to take pictures, Airi Sakura came across a fight happening on campus, where Ken Sudō had one-sidedly beaten Daichi Ishizaki, Kyōgo Komiya, and Reo Kondō. Shocked at what she was seeing, she took a few pictures of the event while the two parties were taunting one another. Ken began to leave the situation and Airi ran off before she could be discovered.

The next day was the first day of the month, and Class 1-D was excited to receive points for passing the midterm exams a week earlier. Class 1-D's homeroom teacher, Sae Chabashira, arrives and is immediately bombarded with questions asking why the students have yet to get any points for this month despite having passed the midterms. Sae states that the points for this month are currently delayed while the school makes a decision on something, and that the students will need to wait until the situation is resolved.

After lunch begins, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji stays in the classroom and frets over his lack of friends that he feels he can regularly join with for lunch. Suzune Horikita chides him a bit for his poor social skills and the two talk for a bit while looking at the students who are also eating lunch alone. After school ends, Sae tells Ken to come to the staff room with her. He resists a bit, but after Sae gives out a few threats he concedes and follows her. Kiyotaka and Suzune leave for the dorms together, discussing the matter of the delayed points. Kiyotaka invites Suzune to join the group chat that he's involved in, but she refuses due to a lack of interest.

Suzune asserts that Kiyotaka has changed over the last two months, to which Kiyotaka attributes to making friends and getting used to school. He gives additional credit to Kikyō Kushida, which prompts Suzune to ask him about whether or not he's concerned about being around her given that she has expressed her hate for the two of them before. Kiyotaka asks Suzune what she did to receive scorn from Kikyō, to which she states that she doesn't know.

That evening, Ken barges into Kiyotaka's room after he had finished eating dinner. Kiyotaka is unsure about how he got in, and Ken reveals that everyone had a discussion and made duplicate keys for easy access. After Ken settles in, Kikyō also enters the room with her own key. They exchange greetings and Ken begins to explain that he might be suspended soon for allegedly beating up some Class 1-C students the day before. He elaborates that the students from class C were the ones who had attacked him and failed due to the difference in strength. After losing the fight they had gone to the school and filed a complaint stating that Ken had assaulted them. Ken had explained this when he was taken to the staff room, and was given a short amount of time prove his side of the story. In order to avoid suspension and the loss of class points, he came to Kiyotaka for help.

After considering the situation, Kiyotaka realizes that they need to acquire evidence in order for Ken to have any chance of avoiding suspension. Ken remembers that he felt as though someone was watching while the fight was happening, but he was unable to verify it after looking around. After begging for their help, Kikyō agrees to assist him and Ken heads back to his own room. Kikyō turns to Kiyotaka and seriously suggests to him to put more effort into blending in with the class. She then pressures him into agreeing to help with the situation and they decide to begin looking for the supposed witness of the event.

Chapter 2 Edit

The next morning, Sae announces to the class that Ken had gotten in a fight a few days earlier with C-Class students and that the two sides had given conflicting reports of what happened. She asks if there was a witness to the event, and states that the other teachers are also asking their own classes about the presence of a witness. After no response was given, Sae ends homeroom and leaves the class. Many of the students from Class 1-D begin to voice their frustration for Ken and his attitude. Kikyō intervenes in the negative atmosphere to stand up for Ken, stating that he had been looking for help to prove his side on the matter the day before and proceeds to explain everything to the class. Yōsuke Hirata and Kei Karuizawa back her up and the atmosphere in the class changes into one motivated to prove Ken innocent.

Later at lunch, Kikyō, Suzune, Kiyotaka, and the 3 Idiots of D-Class were gathered to discuss the situation. Ken apologizes to Suzune for the trouble he had gotten the class into, to which Suzune coldly responds causing the two to argue. Suzune leaves the lunch table and goes and sits on her own. Kiyotaka attempts to explain that Suzune didn't strictly hate Ken, but that she probably had a reason for not wanting to get involved in the situation. Kikyō leaves to ask some of the second and third year students about the situation and the groups discussion quickly turns to what girls each member of the group is attracted to. As Kanji Ike talks about his passion for Kikyō, he mentions that he has been using the feature on his phone that allows the students to find out the location of registered friends to keep track of her whereabouts to ensure she hasn't gotten a boyfriend.

After school, two groups of students were formed in order to search for the potential witness to the event with Yōsuke and Kei leading one group and Kikyō leading the other. Suzune leaves the classroom after explicitly stating that she wouldn't be helping the search. Kiyotaka hadn't been intending to help himself, but after being begged by Kikyō he concedes to help with the search. Kikyō requests for him to convince Suzune to help the search. The two of them leave to catch up with Suzune and meet with her in front of the school. They call out to her and once again request her assistance on the matter. She once again declines and explains that until the reason for why Ken was involved in the matter is brought to light, she will refuse to assist them. She then looks towards Kiyotaka and states that he pretends to not understand or know things, but that he knows more than he's letting on.

As Suzune left, Kikyō turned to Kiyotaka who had been cornered looking for an explanation. Kiyotaka hesitantly explains that Suzune was saying that Ken's antagonistic behavior and provoking actions played a part in causing this situation to happen in the first place, regardless of the involvement of the students from C-Class. He states that until Ken recognizes and reflects on his mistakes, Suzune will refuse to help on the matter. Her goal being to teach him a lesson and show that he won't continue to make these types of mistakes at the detriment of Class 1-D. Kiyotaka requests for them to stay silent and not bring this up to Ken, since it would lose its meaning if he didn't come to this conclusion on his own. They head back to the classroom and regroup with Kanji and Haruki Yamauchi, where they decide to go and ask class B about the presence of a witness. They all head to Classroom 1-B and sit back and wait for Kikyō to handle the discussion with the students she knows.

Chapter 3 Edit

The next morning, Yōsuke and Kikyō exchange information about who they consulted the previous day as the class discusses the situation. Yōsuke encourages the class to not give up and remain confident in Ken's innocence. The conversation in the class turns to one about points and the envy various D-Class students feel about how many points A-Class is receiving. As the students lament about their inability to reach A-class, Sae speaks up and informs them of a method of getting to A-class immediately. She states that with 20 million points, you are able to buy the right to transfer into the class of your choice, but also mentions that it had never been accomplished before. Curious about this, Suzune asks what the highest amount of points a student managed to accumulate in the history of the school. It is revealed that three years earlier, a B-class student had managed to gather 12 million points before getting expelled for fraud in his goal to reach A-class.

Sae thinks about points and then mentions that she had forgotten to explain to the class that students could obtain points for their performance in club activities. Using the new information from their teacher, Kiyotaka appeals to Suzune regarding Ken, mentioning his worth as the best first-year in the basketball program that he's in. Suzune considers this and concedes that Ken might have some use despite his shortcomings and tells him that she will think about it.

After school, the group had gathered in Kiyotaka's room to discuss the situation. Suzune swung by, looking to speak with Kiyotaka on her own, but immediately realized that the entire group was present. Kikyō looked over and Suzune was trapped into coming into the room. Begrudgingly, Suzune admits to the group that she had found out who the witness for the event was, naming it as Airi Sakura from their class. She states that Airi had looked away from Sae the morning where she had announced that Ken was involved in an incident on campus, while everyone else was looking at Sae or Ken. Most of the group has issues remembering who Airi is due to her shy nature and loner personality. They thank Suzune for her help on the topic, and Kikyō attempts to contact her unsuccessfully. After discussing how to talk with her, the group ultimately resolves for Kikyō to confront her the next day.

The next morning, Yōsuke comes to Kiyotaka to discuss Airi and the unfolding situation, looking to use him as a proxy for Suzune. They agree to meet up sometime until their attention is drawn to Airi entering the room. Kikyō approaches her after homeroom ends and Airi becomes very evasive and nervous. Airi gives a few excuses to leave and denies being present for the fight, but Kikyō pressures her more on the matter. Kiyotaka understands why Suzune believes her to be the witness since it's clear to him that she's trying to hide something. Airi turns to leave the classroom but bumps into Ryōtarō Hondō and drops her digital camera on the floor. She tests the camera and finds that it's broken. Distraught, Airi runs out of the classroom.

The students in the classroom begin to lament about an uncooperative witness, while Suzune insults Ken for being able to understand the situation. Kōenji speaks up and tells Ken to get expelled, which causes them to begin fighting with one another. Yōsuke stops the two and Ken storms out of the classroom upset. Kiyotaka brings up to Suzune Ken's future athletic worth to the class, along with their doubts in Airi being a useful witness for the incident due to her being from Class 1-D. Kiyotaka laments that the fight hadn't occurred in a classroom due to the presence of cameras, to which Suzune gets an idea and invites Kiyotaka to head home together, to which a confused Kiyotaka agrees.

The two of them head towards the club building together and the two speak for a bit before determining that there are no cameras in the hallways where Ken and the C-Class students had fought one another. There were outlets near the ceiling, but no cameras were present. Since their plan had failed, the two walked around the building for a bit talking about the situation. They turn around the corner to exit the building and Kiyotaka runs into Airi. Kiyotaka immediately recognizes her, and she explains that her hobby is taking pictures and shows her phone, trying to explain why she wasn't paying attention. She then notices Suzune and immediately starts to run off after being told she has something to ask her.

As she's running off, Kiyotaka calls out to her that she doesn't have to push herself, and then states that she doesn't have to come out as the witness. He adds on that if she is being threatened, he will try to help as much as he can. She seems to respond to this and leaves. Suzune questions him for his decision to not stop her and he asserts that her being a witness for the event doesn't help much anyways.

As they talk, they are called out to by Honami Ichinose from Class 1-B, asking them what they are doing here. She recognizes that they belong to Class 1-D, and mentions that she had met Kiyotaka before on two occasions. They say that they were investigating the incident that happened a few days ago, and Honami states that she was also doing some investigations of her own and asks if she could help out with the situation. Suzune and Kiyotaka are a bit doubtful of her intentions, but after grilling her for a bit they concede to her and explain what they know of the situation. They talk for a bit about the situation for a bit before Honami mentions that Ken will be a great asset in the future, since the class will also gain points if he performs well in sports.

Learning this new information, Suzune and Kiyotaka explain that their teacher never tells them anything until much after the other classes are aware of it, expressing discontent with having Sae as the teacher of their class. Honami states that teachers are also evaluated when their class graduates, and after a talking a bit more, she exchanges contact information with Kiyotaka for future communication. Heading back to the dorms, Kiyotaka concludes that Honami is attempting to gain D-Class's trust by helping out with the situation.

Suzune follows Kiyotaka to his room, where she consults him about his thoughts on the case. She confronts him about what all he knows about the situation, and accuses him of having come to the conclusion that she had come to earlier on the matter. She then asserts that Kiyotaka told Kikyō the extent of the situation the day before. Kiyotaka is silent while Suzune brings up how he had gotten the old midterm test questions and bought Ken's test point with private points. Kiyotaka attempts to deny her accusations, but despite his denial, she asserts that he is hiding his true ability. Kiyotaka realizes that he had messed up and allowed Suzune to see too much.

While leaving for school the next day, Kiyotaka runs into Honami. The two decide to head to school together, and Kiyotaka realizes the massive amount of popularity that Honami has with most of the students that pass them by. They talk about the upcoming summer vacation on a tropical island and share their doubts that the vacation is what it seems to be. This prompts them to discuss the class points system and how exactly the classes are separated by merit. Suddenly, in the midst of their conversation, Honami changes the topic and asks if Kiyotaka had ever been confessed to by a girl before. Confused by her sudden change in topic and attitude, Kiyotaka questions why she's asking. Honami brushes his concern aside and requests for him to meet her by the entrance of the school after classes end for the day, to which he accepts.

After class that day, the two meet up in front of the school building. They go behind the school building and Honami tells him that she is going to be confessed to behind the school in about 10 minutes, and that she would like for him to pretend to be her boyfriend so that she can avoid having to hurt their feelings and remain friends. Uncomfortable with the situation, Kiyotaka attempts to give a complete response but the conversation is interrupted by Chihiro Shiranami who had come to the confession location early.

She asks if Kiyotaka was Honami's boyfriend, to which Honami fumbles around with her words a bit, unable to give a clear response. Before Honami could say anything else, Kiyotaka stated simply that the two of them were only friends. He then tells Honami that confessing puts someone's feelings out there, and that the right thing to do is to give those feelings a proper answer and not to hide away from them. Kiyotaka heads to the front of the school and takes a seat on a railing. Not long after Chihiro runs past him crying with Honami appearing not long afterwards. Honami understands that she was incorrect to deny her feelings and thanks Kiyotaka for helping her out moments earlier.

That night, Kiyotaka gets a call from Kikyō. She explains that she feels guilty for having caused the situation where Airi's camera was broken, and tells Kiyotaka that they plan on going out over the weekend to get the camera fixed. She adds on that she would like him to join her for the event, and the two begin to talk about their classmates for a bit before Kiyotaka asks to confirm that Kikyō lives on the 9th floor. Their conversation dies out and neither of them talk for a bit. Kiyotaka attempts to end the call after a while when Kikyō tells him to wait and begins to say something, but stops herself. The two end the call as Kiyotaka wonders if it was something he had said to her.

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