Below is the long summary of volume 3 of the You-Zitsu light novel series.

Prologue Edit

Sae Chabashira gives a monologue where she tells a story of "The Wings of Icarus" from Greek mythology. In summary, Daedalus, a great craftsman in ancient Greece, created a large pair of wings using feathers, thread and wax so he and his son, Icarus, could fly away to freedom from their imprisonment. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too high as the wax holding the wings together would be melted. However, once seeing the freedom opening before him, Icarus got carried away. He flew higher and higher, and the sun started to melt the wax and burn the wings. As a result, Icarus fell into the sea and died. Chabashira made the comparison with Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, who she thought to resemble Icarus. However, she came to realise that the two were fundamentally different from each other, as Kiyotaka possessed neither Icarus's bravery nor arrogance. She states that she had no choice but to incur his divine wrath, and the gamble had already begun.

Chapter 1 Edit

The first-year students of the Advanced Nurturing High School are on a luxurious liner for a 2-week cruise trip prepared by the school, after the end-of-term exam. D-Class in particular is enjoying the atmosphere and sceneries. Kikyō Kushida wonders about Suzune Horikita's lack of appearance, to which Kiyotaka explains that she is probably in her room. The destination of the ship is a deserted island owned by the school. Ken Sudō has a small argument with some A-Class students but restrains himself. Kanji Ike asks Kushida to call her by first name and she accepts, prompting Sudō to express his desire to do the same with Suzune and asks Kiyotaka to help him practice.

The deserted island comes into view and students are asked to prepare themselves and assemble on the deck. Suzune eventually appears as she has been in her room reading a book. After disembarking from the ship, the teachers start doing roll call for their classes. A-Class's homeroom teacher, Mashima, then announces the start of the first special test.

The test will last one week on the deserted island and the students are required to live together as a group. They will not be allowed to return to the ship without a justifiable reason. Each class will receive two tents, two flashlights and a box of matches. As the students appear dissatisfied, the teachers explain the theme of the test is "freedom" and they can still be able to do whichever activities they want during the week on the island. Each class also receives 300 S-points as budget and a survival manual. When the test is over, the class's remaining points will be added to their total class points.

A student from A-Class is absent due to poor health, leaving them to start with 270 points. Some D-Class students start thinking about the increase in allowance points if they can survive the week. Each student receives a smart wristwatch that they mustn't take off during the test. Chabashira mentions that she doesn't know any way to pass the test without spending points. She also points out the penalties they may received in the process, listed in the last page of the manual:

  • Those unable to continue the test due to poor health or injury will result in a 30-point penalty and retirement.
  • Pollution of the environment will result in a 20-point penalty.
  • Each absence at 8 AM and 8 PM daily roll call will result in a 5-point penalty.
  • Violence, theft, or destruction of property against another class will result in immediate failure for the class to whom the offending student belongs and the forfeiture of all that students' private points.

In case the class's points budget is already at 0, the point penalties will be nullified. Chabashira then instructs her students on how to make a basic toilet from cardboard. Satsuki Shinohara from the girls' side strongly rejects the idea, causing her and Ike from the boys' side to argue. Meanwhile, B-Class's homeroom teacher, Chie Hoshinomiya, comes over and greets Chabashira with a hug, then spots Kiyotaka and teases him about his love life.

Chabashira grudgingly tells her to go back, then proceeds to explain about additional rules:

  • There are designated spots on the island where a class can have the right to 'occupy' them and use the area as they wish.
  • A special key card is required to occupy a spot.
  • The key card can only be used by the person designated as "leader". The leader cannot be changed without suitable justification.
  • Each occupation of a spot grants one bonus point to the occupying class.
  • Occupation rights expire every eight hours, and each renewal grants another bonus point to the class in question.
  • The bonus points cannot be used to spend during the test, but will be added later to the class points total.
  • Using another class's occupied spot without permission will result in a 50-point penalty.

On the last day of the test, each class can declare who they think is the leader of the other classes. For each leader guessed correctly, that class receives 50 bonus points while the class whose leader is guessed correctly loses 50 points as a penalty and losses all bonus points gained during the test. If the leader is guessed incorrectly, the class loses 50 points as a penalty.

Chabashira finishes her explanation and D-Class begins to act. Yōsuke Hirata lists and discusses the needs of camping spots and necessities. The girls and boys sides, particularly Shinohara and Ike, start arguing again about the toilet matter. Since a temporary one costs 20 points, the boys want to use just the cardboard ones to preserve their points as much as possible and only spend them when necessary, while the girls (except Kei Karuizawa) object to the idea. Kiyotaka and Suzune watch the situation from a distance and they discuss about the test. After seeing A-Class and B-Class have already started preparing, D-Class students decide to put the toilet matter aside and begin to find camping areas and spots.

While carrying stuffs along with the other boys, Kiyotaka talks with Suzune, who is not in a good mood because of the test. She points out it is likely to fall outside her academics abilities, while Ike and Sudō had taken the initiative to help the class instead of being hindrances. She is also curious about plans and movements from other classes. She then asks Kiyotaka about his disinterest in moving up to A-Class and the reason why he chose this school, with Kiyotaka replying he only wanted to make use of the school's privileges.

Hirata and Yukimura has a discussion to resolve the toilet matter, with Hirata concludes a temporary one is necessary to spend points on. D-Class students then gather 12 people into 4 teams to search in the forest for camping places. Kiyotaka is in the same team with Airi Sakura and Rokusuke Kōenji. While Kōenji wanders ahead, Kiyotaka and Airi start talking for a bit. Kiyotaka and Airi then try to catch up with Kōenji as ke keeps rushing forward. They end up lose sight of him and decide to slow down. They then find a pathway which leads to a cave that is used as a spot. Kiyotaka notices someone being there and quickly hides himself and Airi. They overhear Kōhei Katsuragi, who is holding a key card, and Yahiko Totsuka from A-Class talking. Katsuragi has discovered the pathway back on the ship when it took a tour around the island, and mentions that there are also other paths that can lead to some facilities. After they've left, Kiyotaka and Airi approach the cave. A monitor shows that A-Class has already claimed the spot and Airi asks if Katsuragi is A-Class leader, with Kiyotaka telling he will report it to Hirata.

When they return back to their class, Kiyotaka finds out that Kōenji has split up to go swimming and has already returned. Ike and his group have found a spot near the river and the class head over there. They decide to use it as their base camp and Suzune will be the leader. Ike and Sudō have an argument with Shinohara about the water source before Hirata intervenes. Kiyotaka then points out Ike is surprisingly good with outdoor activities. Ike explains that he used to go camping before and admits that he should've handled things differently as the others don't seem to have camping experience. He then leaves for a swim and Suzune notes that Ike can be helpful with his knowledge. She then asks Kiyotaka to persuade Kōenji to help the class. Kiyotaka accepts and leaves, thinking about how Suzune will face the test as she now has to rely on cooperating with others.

As the two tents are set up, Hirata asks Kiyotaka to find branches to make a bonfire. Kiyotaka then asks Suzune to come along but is unsuccessful. He tries asking Sudō and Yamauchi but gets rejected. Airi then offers to go with him and Yamauchi unexpectedly joins in and the three of them head into the forest.

While spreading out to collect branches, Yamauchi expresses to Kiyotaka his interest in Airi and asks him for help but Kiyotaka refuses. While returning, the three of them discover Mio Ibuki, who has seemingly been kicked out of C-Class camp due to a dispute, and invite her to stay in their camp. Ibuki is surprised and argues that she's their enemy, but eventually follows them back after their insistence. After returning to the camp, Yamauchi tries to make the bonfire but fails to do so. Kiyotaka points out the branches are too big and damp and Ike comes to help making the bonfire.

The class starts gathering together at their camp after finding foods, with Ike demonstrating his camping knowledge. He also apologises to Shinohara for their arguments earlier, to which she responds similarly. Hirata then proposes his plan for the class to survive the test with 120 points remaining. Kiyotaka approaches Ibuki to check on her and introduce himself. The class then agrees to use the river as their water and food source and decides to purchase some other necessities.

They then switch their attention to Ibuki, and Hirata heads over to talk to her. Ibuki reveals she had a fight with another boy in her class and got chased away. Hirata persuades her to stay with D-Class and successfully convinces them to look after her. They also purchase food and water sets for the night, along with more tents for the boys.

Everyone then notices Kōenji's absence. Chabashira informs them that Kōenji has asked to drop out of the test due to poor physical condition and has already returned to the ship. This also means D-Class has 30 points deducted. The students are astounded and become furious after hearing the news.

Chapter 2 Edit

After waking up early in the morning, Kiyotaka secretly goes and checks Ibuki's luggage. He finds a rental digital camera that has no data, then returns to the tent after putting it back. He and Hirata exchange greetings and they discuss the situation after Kōenji's retirement. Kiyotaka draws a simple map of the island using a manual's blank page and puts it in his pocket.

While heading to the river, Kiyotaka and Hirata come across Ryūji Kanzaki and some B-Class students. Kanzaki says he just wants to check on them. Kiyotaka asks about B-Class's location and Kanazaki tells them the direction to their campsite before leaving.

After morning roll call, D-Class begins to explore. They then encounter Kyōgo Komiya and Reo Kondō from C-Class, who were involved in Sudō's incident. Ibuki tells Kiyotaka they are Kakeru Ryūen's underlings. They start ridicule D-Class for their frugal lifestyle, then give them a message from Ryūen to come to the beach if they want to enjoy the vacation and leave. Kiyotaka then finds Suzune in the tent and asks her to come with him to C-Class's place for reconnaissance.

When they approach the beach, Kiyotaka and Suzune become bewildered as they see C-Class enjoying themselves with luxurious items and equipment. They meet Ryūen, who explains that he doesn't care about this test and has spent all the points so his class can enjoy the vacation, as there is no penalty for using up all the points, then mocks D-Class for trying to save points. He also punished Ibuki and another boy and chased them out of their camp for disobeying orders. Disgusted, Suzune leaves the place with Kiyotaka. Kiyotaka points out 300 points are not enough for them to enjoy the entire week and C-Class will all retire from the test, just like Kōenji, so they can return back to the ship.

Kiyotaka and Suzune then check out B-Class camp and are greeted by Honami Ichinose. Suzune proposes a cooperative relationship for both classes, and Ichinose explains about B-Class's progress, along with their living condition and items. Suzune then explains D-Class's situation in return. She is also impressed with B-Class's solidarity and how disciplined they are.

Suzune asks Ichinose for information about A-Class. She gives the direction to their base camp and mentions about their defensive measures. They then discuss about C-Class using up all their points. A male student named Kaneda interrupts their talk to consult Ichinose. After giving him instructions, she explains to Suzune and Kiyotaka that he is a C-Class student who had a dispute with them and got kicked out of their camp. Suzune tells her about Ibuki, who also defied Ryūen's orders and was hit by him. Suzune and Kiyotaka then leave B-Class camp, talking about their cohesion on the way.

Kiyotaka and Suzune find a cave where A-Class set up their camp in the mountainside. Kiyotaka decides to head towards the cave's entrance as they can't collect information by staying hidden. They are blocked by Yahiko, who tells them to back off but Suzune opposes and tries to check inside. Katsuragi appears and allows them to look inside the cave, provided that they don't touch anything. Suzune states they're monopolising control of the spot, but Katsuragi argues that D-Class and B-Class also do the same. Suzune decides to retreat after their exchange.

Chapter 3 Edit

On the third day, Kiyotaka heads into the forest, with Airi wanting to tag along. He tries to turn her down but Airi insists on going with him. While walking, they have a small chat about Airi's progress in making friends, the encounter with her stalker in previous volume and her past of being an idol.

They then take a break under a tree. Airi confesses she was feeling depressed at the beginning of the trip because she had no friends and doesn't like travelling, but now she is glad that they came here as she could have the chance to talk with Kiyotaka and wishes they could stay like that forever. She also wishes she had brought her digital camera to take photos. Kiyotaka stares at her and help her catch a bug off her hair, in dramatic fashion.

They then arrive at the destination, where Kiyotaka has used Airi's handkerchief to mark it. Kiyotaka had noticed Kōenji spotting something earlier, and he and Airi start searching the area. They find corn planted by the school and try to bring them back. Kiyotaka takes off his shirt to use as a bag, leaving Airi flustered. They then unexpectedly encounter Yahiko and Katsuragi who also found the place. Katsuragi offers to help but Kiyotaka declines, stating his class's instruction as an excuse. Kiyotaka and Airi return and report to their class about the corn. The students then depart to harvest them while also explore other places and look for more food.

Chapter 4 Edit

On the fourth day, D-Class is in high spirit since they've managed to find more food and save more points than anticipated. Kiyotaka leaves the base camp for some inspection while analysing the test. He finds a small hut with fishing tackles under a cliff, which has been already occupied by A-Class, and marks its location on his map. He then finds another spot, a large tower that can be easily observed so no one has occupied it yet. He is confronted by two A-Class students who were hiding in the bushes. They take his map and try to bribe him with points so he would tell the identity of D-Class's leader. Kiyotaka expresses his distrust and asks for Katsuragi, mentioning the rumours that he is A-Class's representative. They tell him Sakayanagi is the representative, not Katsuragi, and let him go.

Kiyotaka goes down the beach to check C-Class's camp and finds that it's been abandoned. Ichinose and Kanzaki also come to check the place. The three discuss about C-Class's strategy. Kiyotaka then asks about Katsuragi and Sakayanagi. Ichinose tells him they're opposing forces in their class and don't get along since their methods clash with each other. The three then part ways and head back to their camps.

Kiyotaka recalls the end of the first semester. Chabashira had called for him and talked with him after homeroom. She told that she was also a D-Class student and her class was having a close battle with A-Class in points. However, her mistake costed her class and her dream of reaching A-Class. She then informed him that a certain man had contacted the school and told them to expel him. She started blackmailing him to aim for A-Class or he would be expelled. He grabbed her collar in retaliation, saying she would regret trying to use him. Chabashira continued telling him to choose and stated that her life was already full of regrets.

Chapter 5 Edit

While sleeping, the boys suddenly get waken up by the girls, who appear upset. Shinohara informs that Karuizawa's underwear has been stolen. As their luggage was put outside the tents to make space, Shinohara believes someone has gone through them and taken it. Karuizawa is in tears and being comforted by other girls in the tent, while the boys become alerted of the situation. The girls then ask to check the boys' luggage and Hirata spends some time convincing them to go along with it.

As Ike checks his bag, he finds the underwear placed in there and becomes panicked. Yamauchi spots it and Ike frantically denies being the culprit. Kiyotaka concludes that Ike was framed since he wouldn't have hidden the evidence in his own bag and he was also acting normal. As his turn is next, Ike thrusts the underwear to Kiyotaka's hands and asks him to hide it before scurrying off. Yamauchi also quickly apologies and follows after him.

Kiyotaka decides to hide it in his pocket. Hirata finishes searching the boys' luggage and finds nothing. The girls then demand to inspect Ike, Yamauchi and Kiyotaka as they've noticed them acting suspicious. When checking Kiyotaka, Hirata notices the underwear in his pocket, but tells the girls that he doesn't have it. Hirata then reassures the girls and asks them to discuss the matter later.

After going back to the tent, Kiyotaka asks Hirata on why he didn't tell the girls. Hirata asks if he was the one taking the underwear, to which Kiyotaka denies. Hirata believes him and Kiyotaka says it was in Ike's bag. Hirata doesn't think Ike took the underwear either, then asks Kiyotaka to give it to him, saying that it would cause the least damage as he is Karuizawa's boyfriend. He also points out the possibilty of someone in the camp being the culprit. Kiyotaka analyses the incident while Hirata asks him to find the theft. He also asks Kiyotaka to only report it to him, since he wants to settle things peacefully with the culprit. Kiyotaka suspects that Hirata doesn't fully trust him and wants to cover the truth.

The girls request to live separately from the boys as they still believe the culprit is among them. D-Class's unity start falling apart as both sides have a huge argument about it. The girls, lead by Karuizawa and Shinohara, ask Hirata for help as they can trust him, but Suzune opposes against it. Suzune explains her reasoning and wants another boy, in this case Kiyotaka, to watch over Hirata. The girls cast their doubts on him, but Airi tries to defend him. Karuizawa lashes out at Airi and starts teasing her, with other girls joining in. Unable to bear it, Airi runs off into the forest.

After further explanations from Suzune, Karuizawa agrees to let Kiyotaka be on guard as he seems to be the most harmless and Hirata is fine with it. Trying to calm both parties, Hirata voices his thoughts over the matter, stating that he does not want the class to doubt their own classmates. Someone then mentions Ibuki as a possible suspect but Shinohara and Karuizawa still keep their suspicions on the boys.

Kiyotaka takes part in moving the girls' tents away and talks with Hirata. Hirata says he has been working hard because he thinks the test is an opportunity to bring the class closer. He then gets pulled over to the girls side for help and Kiyotaka finishes the remaining work. As he is about to rest, Ibuki comes over and talks to him. They discuss the underwear incident, with Ibuki being aware that the class will suspect her as she is the stranger. Kiyotaka expresses his trust in her. Ibuki is surprised and looks at him, then thanks him for his words. Kiyotaka, by looking into her eyes, concludes that she is the culprit that has stolen the underwear and hidden it in Ike's bag.

At the end of the fifth day, there is an oppressive atmosphere within the camp. Kiyotaka talks with Suzune while helping the girls out. Suzune expresses her distrust in Hirata and reveals that the girls had used points to buy more items for their tents and Hirata has been keeping it a secret to avoid conflict in the class. She wants Kiyotaka to work with her to find out the culprit as soon as possible so they will not hinder their class. They talk more about the current situation and Suzune begins to head back to the tent. Kiyotaka stops her and points out that she is sick. Suzune tries to deny but Kiyotaka checks her forehead and quickly understands that she has a fever. He has noticed her condition back in the ship and the signs that she was ill. Kiyotaka then asks if she intends to hide it, and Suzune says she will carry on through the end.

On the sixth day, the weather starts turning worse and D-Class begins to move. Hirata instructs them to go out and search for food in groups. Kiyotaka is in the same group with Suzune, Airi, Yamauchi and Kushida. He also asks Ibuki to join in. After going into the forest, Suzune tells them to go in pairs to search, with her going with Kiyotaka. They talk about the key card and Kiyotaka asks to see it, mentioning that he saw something similar on Katsuragi. After checking it, Kiyotaka says it's different from Katsuragi. He then returns the card to Suzune but drops it in the process. Suzune manages to snatch it and gives him a stern look as they've attracted the others' attention. Kiyotaka gives an excuse and goes to talk with Yamauchi. He asks him to smear some mud on Suzune and in return, he will give him Airi's address. Yamauchi agrees and proceeds to do it, and gets thrown by Suzune as a result.

After returning to the base camp, Suzune decides to go washing up as her hair and clothes are covered with mud. Kiyotaka suggests her to go to the river since the shower is already occupied by other girls. Ibuki and Airi prefer to stay back, while Yamauchi goes back to the tent to take a rest after being beaten.

After Suzune has finished washing herself and returned, Kiyotaka notices her anxious expression. They come to a place far enough from the camp to talk. Suzune then admits that she has lost the key card and suspects Karuizawa and Ibuki. Kiyotaka says that Karuizawa was at the shower the entire time, leading to Ibuki being the main suspect. He reassures her and she tells him to return to the camp to keep an eye on Ibuki.

A fire happens in the camp and Kiyotaka and Suzune rush over to check. They then realise the manual has been burned while some students are also there witnessing the scene, including Ibuki. Hirata tries to put out the fire while wearing a dark expression and Kiyotaka comforts him. As the class's atmosphere is in turmoil again, rain starts to fall. The students continue their bickering while Hirata just stands still in confusion. Yamauchi then notices Ibuki has disappeared, but the rain gets heavier and the students hurriedly shove the luggage and food into the tents. As Hirata has fallen into a depression state, supposedly due to all the burden and issues that happened, Kiyotaka approaches and helps him regaining his awareness. Kiyotaka then realises Suzune has also gone as well, and proceeds to head towards the beach.

After some chasing, Suzune confronts Ibuki in the forest. Ibuki feigns ignorance and asks for proof of her being the underwear theft. Suzune then asks her to return what she has stolen, but Ibuki pretends not to know and starts running off. She then stops at a place marked beforehand and starts digging the ground. She also notices Suzune's heavily worsening condition. Ibuki stops digging and drops her bag to the ground. As Suzune gets near, Ibuki throws a kick and starts attacking her since no one else is nearby. Suzune tries her best to defend, while assessing herself as being a hindrance that holds back her class due to her condition and pride. Ibuki reveals that she has stolen the key card, but denies being the one who burned the manual as there is no gain for her in doing so. She also mentions that someone else had figured her out before Suzune, then knocks her unconscious.

After beating Suzune, Ibuki returns to her work. She then notices the flashlight and wireless transceiver that she had buried look slightly different, but pays no mind and begins to contact someone. Shortly after, Ryūen arrives and praises her for her work. Ibuki had intended to use her digital camera to take a photo of the key card, but since it got unexpectedly broken, she had to risk stealing it and was caught by Suzune. Ryūen checks the card while Katsuragi also appears. After the test started, Ryūen had coaxed A-Class to cooperate with C-Class. Katsuragi then checks the card and accepts Ryūen's proposal. After he has left the area, Ibuki asks Ryūen about the negotiation details. She also questions Katsuragi's credibility but Ryūen assures that he's had it covered. She then put the key card back to Suzune's hand after wiping off the fingerprints and leaves with Ryūen.

Meanwhile, Kiyotaka had been chasing after Ibuki and Suzune by following their footprints. He hid himself when noticed other people at the scene. After they've left, he cautiously approaches and finds an unconscious Suzune lying on the ground. He confirms that more people has discovered Suzune's position as D-Class's leader and picks up the key card. He then lifts her into his arms and she starts to awake. She tells him that Ibuki has stolen they key card and keeps blaming herself. She also felt she could hear Ryūen's voice, but Kiyotaka says she was probably dreaming. Suzune apologises and Kiyotaka advises her to start making allies. Suzune is still determined to get to A-Class using her own abilities and mutters that she is still alone. Kiyotaka embraces her and tries to convince her to cooperate with the class as she can't fight by herself and he'll help her.

After Suzune has lost consciousness again, Kiyotaka tries to being her back but takes a wrong path and tumbles down a slope. He finds shelter under a large tree and lays Suzune down. Suzune wakes up after some time and Kiyotaka explains what happened as she is confused. He then tells her to retire but Suzune refuses due to the points deduction. She intends to try to return by herself by tomorrow morning and tells him to go back for the roll call. Kiyotaka is concerned that their classmates will blame her, but Suzune accepts and says that everything was her responsibility.

Kiyotaka then asks her for the cause of their situation and whether not retiring is the right decision. Suzune still refuses to retire and claims her negligence led to her failure, but Kiyotaka rejects it. Suzune pleads for him to go as she considers him her friend, but covers her mouth in surprise after slipping it out. She tries to stand up but loses conscious again. Kiyotaka takes her into his arms, lets out a sigh then reveals his internal thoughts: He never thought of her as his friends or cared of her as a classmate. Winning is everything and the methods don't matter. He doesn't care what he has to sacrifice as long as he has his victory in the end. All people are nothing more than tools and she was just useful to him.

Kiyotaka then finds his way to the beach using his memory and spots the ship. He then returns to bring Suzune back to the ship, then asks to retire her when a teacher finds them. He also confirms that only him will miss the roll call, as Suzune's retirement happens before it, and hands over the key card to the teacher before heading back.

Epilogue Edit

On August 7, the final day of the exam, the students gather towards the rest area while waiting for the results. Kiyotaka and Sudō have a small chat while Hirata comes over to give them drinks and express his gratitude. Kiyotaka thanks him in return for covering his absence in roll call and Suzune's retirement. Hirata says he acknowledged the reason and that Suzune has given him important information.

Ryūen appears as the only remaining student from C-Class and tension begins to rise. He asks about Suzune's absence and provokes Sudō. Hirata calms him down and Kiyotaka notices Ryūen clothes has gotten dirty. Sudō questions his sudden appearance but Ryūen provokes him again, causing him to grab his collar and threaten him. Hirata jumps in to pull Sudō away and explains that Suzune has retired from the test.

Mashima appears and the students begin to gather for the results. He announces the conclusion of the test and proceeds with the results. Sudō mocks Ryūen for using up all the points, but Ryūen points out the additional rules about guessing the leader, and tells that he's written down D-Class's leader. Mashima then announces the results, with C-Class being the lowest one with 0 points. Third place is A-Class with 120 points, while B-Class is in second place with 140 points. Finally, D-Class is in first place with 225 points.

Ryūen doesn't seem to understand the situation, while Katsuragi gets circled and questioned by his class. D-Class is filled with joy and confusion, with Hirata telling them he will explain everything.

When D-Class returns to the ship, they are greeted by Kōenji, who has been enjoying the week on his own. He claims that his health was poor and he needed rest, while other students yell at him. Suzune also appears, still looking pale, and the students gather around her. She asks about D-Class's first place in the result but Hirata tells Karuizawa to talk to her first. Karuizawa apologises for what she said, stating that Ibuki was the underwear theft and Kiyotaka has told them everything. She says that Suzune had tried to chase after Ibuki, and she also found out C-Class and A-Class leaders and told Hirata about it. Amidst confusion, Suzune tries to call for Kiyotaka but gets surrounded by her classmates while he quietly retreats.

Kiyotaka then meets Chabashira, who wants to talk to him. She praises him for the results while Kiyotaka asks whether his father has actually asked for him to be expelled and doubts her credibility. She states that she knows about his abilities, and tells him that his father said he will accept and drop out of the school sooner or later, similar to Icarus who died because he'd flown too close to the sun.

Kiyotaka goes back to his room on the ship and changes his clothes. He then heads out and meets Suzune in the lounge. She questions about the test results and what happened. Kiyotaka explains that he had focused on the additional rules when the test was announced. On the island, he planned to search for possible spots that he had noticed when the ship circled around the island. He then reached the cave and found out the identity of A-Class's leader. Suzune thinks Katsuragi was careless but Kiyotaka says the leader was Yahiko. He points out that Katsuragi was holding the card as a countermeasure, since Yahiko had carelessly occupied the cave which resulted in high risk. A-Class was also in disadvantage, as they were divided internally so Katsuragi couldn't rely on others.

Kiyotaka then turned his attention to C-Class. Suzune is confused since Ryūen had found out the leaders' identities but D-Class wasn't penalised. Kiyotaka takes out a key card with his name and hands it to Suzune. He had retired her from the test, using her poor health condition as a justifiable reason and became the leader. He also realised that Ibuki was a spy after seeing Kaneda who was also coincidentally saved by B-Class and Ibuki's habit of looking others in the eye when lying. She also had a digital camera to take a picture of the key card as a proof but Kiyotaka had destroyed it. Therefore, she had to steal the key card when Suzune was washing herself. Kiyotaka deduced that A-Class and C-Class had cooperated, with C-Class buying the items A-Class needed while they received something in return. He also figured out Ryūen was still on the island after seeing Ibuki hiding a transceiver in the ground. Kiyotaka also notes that B-Class made a mistake by letting Kaneda to stay and obtain the leader's identity.

Suzune expresses her dissatisfaction for being used like a pawn. Kiyotaka starts heading back to his room, but Suzune stops him and asks for his reason for putting in effort during the test. Kiyotaka says he was touched by her determination but she doesn't believe it.

He tells her he will help her in reaching A-Class, provided that she does not investigate him again. Suzune accepts and they exchange handshake.

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