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LN Vol 4.5 cover
You-Zitsu Light Novel Volume 4.5
Book Data
 Authors Shōgo Kinugasa (Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Illustration)
 Volume No. 5
 Series You-Zitsu
 Pages 328
 Cover Suzune Horikita
 Release Date September 23, 2016 (JP)

May 05, 2020 (JP)

 ISBN 978-4-0406-8629-5 (JP)

978-1-64505-437-5 (EN)

 Anime Episode 7
 Previous Volume 4
 Next Volume 5
Character Debut

This is the first short story collection as well as the overall fifth volume of the You-Zitsu light novel series.

Synopsis Edit

Manga first volume releases simultaneously!

Even though various incidents happened, the special test on the summer vacation finished successfully. Finally, the genuine summer vacation comes to everyone of Advanced Nurturing High School. However, how will each of them enjoy the summer vacation――?!

"Surprisingly, Mio Ibuki Is a Normal Girl" & "Kōhei Katsuragi Is Unexpectedly Troubled" show surprising aspect of students in A & C-Classes wrapped in mystery.

"Even Then, There Is Danger Lurking in Daily Life" tells about a day of Suzune Horikita's hardship that began from a sudden accident.

"A Day of Disaster and Girl Troubles. A Devil Smile like an Angel" ― What's the result of Airi Sakura's little courage?

"Classes Gathering" ― Summer is the swimming pool times!

Also included one secret extra chapter!

From the popular creator duo comes the special edition of the new school revelation, a short story collection![1]

List of Chapters Edit

  • Prologue: "Still, Summer Vacation Will Head towards the End" (それでも夏休みは終わりへと向かっていく, Soredemo Natsuyasumi wa Owari e to Mukatteiku)
  • Chapter 1: "Surprisingly, Mio Ibuki Is a Normal Girl" (意外と伊吹澪は常識人である, Igaito Ibuki Mio wa Jōshikijin de Aru)
  • Chapter 2: "Kōhei Katsuragi Is Unexpectedly Troubled" (意外と葛城康平は悩んでいる, Igaito Katsuragi Kōhei wa Nayan de Iru)
  • Chapter 3: "Even Then, There Is Danger Lurking in Daily Life" (さりとて日常に潜む危険性, Saritote Nichijō ni Hisomu Kikensei)
  • Chapter 4: "A Day of Disaster and Girl Troubles. A Devil Smile like an Angel" (女難、災難の1日。天使のような悪魔の笑顔, Jonan, Sainan no Ichi Nichi. Tenshi no Yōna Akuma no Egao)
  • Chapter 5: "Classes Gathering" (他クラスとの交流会, Ta Kurasu to no Kōryūkai)
  • Extra Chapter: "Summer Vacation with Kanji Ike, Haruki Yamauchi and Ken Sudō" (池寛治と山内春樹と須藤健の夏休み, Ike Kanji to Yamauchi Haruki to Sudō Ken no Natsuyasumi)

Characters Edit

List of Short Stories Edit

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References Edit

  1. MF Bunko J's Official Website

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