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Below is the long summary of volume 8 of the You-Zitsu light novel series.

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Horikita Manabu's Monologue.

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  • The third day of the exam begins. Ayanokōji and his group make are in charge of preparing breakfast. Kouenji skips out on making breakfast and doesn't offer any excuses.
  • On the same day, Ayanokōji while in the morals classroom observes Ichinose, along with her group members Hiyori and Wang Mei-Yu running together. He notices that although Mei is smart she is bad at sports. Hiyori has been acting as the leader of the girls of Class D ever since Ryuuen stepped down as the leader of the class.
  • Meanwhile Kiriyama tries to ask Kouenji, who isn't paying attention, to fix his attitude towards the lessons. However, Kiriyama is eventually stopped by Ishikura and Nagumo when they realize that Kouenji has no intentions of cooperating.
  • During lunch Ayanokōji and Kei make contact. Ayanokōji has already memorized names of all the boys and which groups they belongs to. Ayanokōji wants to know about Sakayanagi and Kamuro's group. The two of them are in the same group composed of three classes with nine from Class A. Sakayanagi didn't take anyone from Class B and declared Ichinose is not trustworthy. Ayanokōji tells Kei to keep an eye on a few people for him.
  • .................. TO BE COMPLETED ..............................

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