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LN Vol 09 cover
You-Zitsu Light Novel Volume 9
Book Data
 Authors Shōgo Kinugasa (Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Illustration)
 Volume No. 11
 Series You-Zitsu
 Pages 264
 Cover Masayoshi Hashimoto
Masumi Kamuro
 Release Date September 25, 2018 (JP)
 ISBN 978-4-04-065157-6 (JP)
 Previous Volume 8
 Next Volume 10
Character Debut
None in this volume

This is the overall eleventh volume of the You-Zitsu light novel series.

Synopsis Edit

Honami Ichinose is a criminal.

As Ayanokōji stated earlier, Sakayanagi is finally starting her move in crushing Honami Ichinose. Rumours that slander Ichinose and her past involving acts of violence, compensated dating, theft, robbery, drug use is spreading throughout the school.

The origin of those rumours are without doubt Class 1-A. The others from Class 1-B, including Kanzaki, are trying to put a stop to it, but has no proof Class 1-A is the one behind. Ichinose has also become half-hearted and passive.

During this stalemate a certain person has appeared in front of Ayanokōji. "Stop Sakayanagi please, you can do that right?" What is Ayanokōji going to do with this request from Class 1-A's Kamuro?

Furthermore, Kushida has come in contact with Miyabi Nagumo. A restless atmosphere has begun permeating the whole school——

From the popular creator duo comes the ninth volume of the new school revelation![1]

List of Chapters Edit

  • Prologue: "The Monologue of Honami Ichinose" (ー之瀬帆波の独白, Ichinose Honami no Dokuhaku)
  • Chapter 1: "Intentions of the Student Council President" (生徒会長の意向, Seito Kaichō no Ikō)
  • Chapter 2: "A Changing Relationship" (変わっていく関係, Kawatteiku Kankei)
  • Chapter 3: "No Intention of Changing" (変わらないつもり, Kawaranai Tsumori)
  • Chapter 4: "Ichinose's Secret, Kamuro's Secret" (ー之瀬の秘密、神室の秘密, Ichinose no Himitsu, Kamuro no Himitsu)
  • Chapter 5: "Spreading Rumors" (蔓延する噂, Manen suru Uwasa)
  • Chapter 6: "Something Vague" (理味なもの, Rimina Mono)
  • Chapter 7: "How It All Works" (すべてのカラクリ, Subete no Karakuri)
  • Epilogue: "The Return" (復帰, Fukki)

List of Short Stories Edit

References Edit

  1. MF Bunko J's Official Website

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