Below is the list of manga omakes.

Omake 1 Edit

  • Appears in: Volume 2
  • Featured characters: Suzune Horikita, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, Kanji Ike, Haruki Yamauchi, Ken Sudō, and Kikyō Kushida
  • Summary: After examinations, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, Kikyō Kushida, Suzune Horikita and the 3 Idiots of D-Class hold a party. Kanji Ike and Haruki Yamauchi questioned that it was Ken Sudō that Suzune obtained low marks at English on purpose to help him, to which she responded that if someone from D-Class had dropped out, it would leave a negative consequence on class assessment. Kikyō complimented that's thanks to Suzune's effort after all, much to Suzune's embarrassment. Ken said unlike what he thought, she was actually a good person, making Kanji and Haruki wonder what happened to him as he didn't want to be with girl like Suzune before, much to his annoyance.

Omake 2 Edit

  • Appears in: Volume 3
  • Featured characters: Ken Sudō, Kanji Ike, and Haruki Yamauchi
  • Summary: The 3 Idiots had a small chat about having many cute girls in D-Class and want girlfriends for themselves: Haruki wanted Airi Sakura to be his girlfriend because she is an idol, Kanji want Kikyō and the two assumed that Ken chose Suzune, which Ken wondered what's in their mind. The two later kept on by imagining an undressing Suzune, driving Ken into madness.

Omake 3 Edit

  • Appears in: Volume 4
  • Featured characters: Kikyō Kushida, Mei-Yu Wang, and Honami Ichinose
  • Summary: Kikyō Kushida and Mei-Yu Wang went to a bathroom together. Mei-Yu showed her jealousy towards Kikyō's chest and want a big chest like hers, which Kikyō comforted her and tell that she want to hug her due to her cuteness. As they arrived at the bath, Honami Ichinose welcomed them. Kikyō, after seeing Honami's big chest, stared blankly and questioned in unconscious state, much to Mei-Yu's curiosity.

Omake 4 Edit

  • Appears in: Volume 5
  • Featured characters: Kikyō Kushida and Suzune Horikita
  • Summary:

Omake 5 Edit

  • Appears in: Volume 6
  • Featured characters: Ken Sudō, Kanji Ike, Haruki Yamauchi, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, Kikyō Kushida and Airi Sakura.
  • Summary:

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