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Manga Vol 02 cover
You-Zitsu Manga Volume 2
Book Data
 Authors Yuyu Ichino (Manga)
Shōgo Kinugasa (Original Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Character Drafts)
 Volume No. 2
 Series You-Zitsu
 Pages 164
 Cover Airi Sakura
Honami Ichinose
 Release Date January 23, 2017 (JP)
 ISBN 978-4-04-069039-1 (JP)
 Novel Volume 1
 Previous Volume 1
 Next Volume 3
Character Debut

This is the second volume of the You-Zitsu manga series.

Synopsis Edit

The cumulative total of the series exceeded 350,000 copies! Unheard of from the new school revelation comes the second volume!!

Kiyotaka was assigned to the lowest class, D-Class even though he went to the leading prestigious school. Based on the poor performance of the class, allowance points use within the school which corresponds to living expenses becomes 0. As the class is on the verge of collapse, is there any way to get over this crisis?!

Terrible shock from the latest volume![1]

Contents Edit

Afterword Edit

Thank you for buying the second volume of the Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e manga version! Yuyu Ichino here, responsible for the manga adaptation.

We are approaching the second volume of the original work and a new character will finally appear, Sakura. The second volume of the original work was planned for this volume but I wanted to draw more Sudō and the President so it's become like this. (Without realising it, it's been male characters only!...) I would be happy if those who haven't read the original work and those who have, enjoyed this work.

Well then, let's meet again in the third volume!

Characters Edit

In order of appearance:

References Edit

  1. Comic Alive's Official Website

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