Manga Vol 03 cover
You-Zitsu Manga Volume 3
Book Data
 Authors Yuyu Ichino (Manga)
Shōgo Kinugasa (Original Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Character Drafts)
 Volume No. 3
 Series You-Zitsu
 Pages 156
 Cover Airi Sakura
Suzune Horikita
 Release Date March 23, 2017 (JP)
 ISBN 978-4-04-069120-6 (JP)
 Novel Volume 2
 Previous Volume 2
 Next Volume 4
Character Debut

This is the third volume of the You-Zitsu manga series.

Synopsis Edit

The danger of suspension by a plot from other class?!! New school revelation, comes the third volume of surging waves!

Kiyotaka was assigned to the lowest class, D-Class even though he went to the leading prestigious school. His classmate, Sudō, is in danger of suspension due to a plot from C-Class … While keeping track of their plain classmate Airi Sakura, who holds the key to the incident, Kiyotaka and the others are aware of her secret … …[1]

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Afterword Edit

Thank you for buying the third volume of the Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e manga adaptation! Time flies, it's the third volume already. In the blink of an eye right. I have been helped greatly by many people and somehow managed to put it out. I will work hard to bring you the fourth volume as fast as possible.

Characters Edit

In order of appearance:

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References Edit

  1. Comic Alive's Official Website

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