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Masayoshi Hashimoto
 Japanese 橋本 正義
 Rōmaji Hashimoto Masayoshi
 Gender Male Symbol Male
 Age 17
 Birthday Taurus Symbol April 24
 Hair Colour Yellow
 Eye Colour Yellow-Green
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Student ID S01T004690
 Class 1-A (1st Year)
2-A (2nd Year)
 Group Sakayanagi Faction
 Club Activity Tennis Club
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
 Private Point 336954
 Light Novel Volume 4
 Manga Volume 6, Room 27
 Anime Episode 6
 Japanese Yōhei Azakami
 English Austin Tindle

Masayoshi Hashimoto ( (はし) (もと) (まさ) (よし) , Hashimoto Masayoshi) is one of the students of class 2-A.

Appearance Edit

Masayoshi has long hair tied in a pony tail. He is wearing the male student uniform.

Personality Edit

Masayoshi is a very self-serving individual with no real loyalty to anyone other than himself. He always sides with and places his bets on the winning team, in order to always stay on top.

Abilities Edit

Academic Abilities Edit

Plot Edit

When the Class-A leadership conflict breaks out at the beginning of the first year, Masayoshi determines that Sakayanagi is the better candidate for the position of leader and quickly joins her faction and becomes part of her inner circle.

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