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WARNING! This article contains information from the light novel.
Do not read beyond this point if you want to avoid being spoiled.

Miyabi Nagumo LN visual

Miyabi Nagumo
 Japanese 南雲 雅
 Rōmaji Nagumo Miyabi
 Gender Male Symbol Male
 Age 18
 Height 178 cm
 Hair Colour Light Yellow
 Eye Colour Blue Gradient
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Class 2-A (1st Year)
3-A (2nd Year)
 Group Student Council
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
Student Council President
Student Council Vice-President (formerly)
 Light Novel Volume 5

Miyabi Nagumo ( () (ぐも) (みやび) , Nagumo Miyabi) is a student of Class 2-A at Advanced Nurturing High School and the new Student Council President succeeding Manabu Horikita. He effectively acts as the leader of the second year students.

Background Edit

Nagumo was originally a class B student when he first entered the school.

Appearance Edit

Nagumo is a fair-skinned male with light blond hair and light blue eyes. He is roughly 175 cm tall, and chooses to wear the natural uniform stylishly.

Personality Edit

Nagumo is a leader who likes to rule through an iron-fist, and is kind of a man who would expel anyone who tries to oppose him. Manabu Horikita suspects him for expelling 7 out of 12 students from second year that had Nagumo involved in one way or other. He considers Manabu Horikita as his rival and keeps on challenging him, also trying to prove that he is better than Manabu.

It is later revealed by Ikuto Kiriyama that Nagumo promised the second year students reforms where ones who surpasses the boundaries between classes and are capable to make allies from different classes will be pulled up to A-Class. He believes in winning the war at the expense of a battle as he lost from Manabu Horikita but also drove Akane Tachibana to the point of expulsion.

He is shown to be quite persuasive as he got Honami Ichinose to give up her secret to him without much interaction between them beforehand. He is also narcissistic, not to the point of Rokusuke Kōenji, and he also likes to make those around him into his "toys". He is also not afraid to hurt his "toys" or sacrifice them for himself and his benefits as when he gave Ichinose's secret to Arisu Sakayanagi.

Abilities Edit

Nagumo was able to detect the lack of a "chosen" leader in Ayanokōji's group during the Mixed Training Camp. He also has an eye for the very "beautiful". In the school, he was able to gain control of the entire second year classes, and get onto the Student Council which was picky on who they entered in at the time. He also got Ichinose to confess to him everything she was hiding.

Plot Edit

In the light novel, when Nagumo's bet was with Manabu Horikita, he lost his bet but drove Akane Tachibana to expulsion with the help of Momoko Ikari.[1]

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References Edit

  1. You-Zitsu Light Novel — Volume 8

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