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WARNING! This article contains information from the light novel.
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The Paper Shuffle (ペーパーシャッフル, Pēpā Shaffuru) is the second semester's final exam for the 1st year students of Advanced Nurturing High School.

This is a pair based exam where both participants of a pair are given 50 questions of eight subjects for the total of 400 questions. All subjects will have a minimum standard of 60 points. The Paper Shuffle will have a span of two days, where students take four exams per day.

Pairings Edit

  • The pairings will be determined by a quiz exam before the month of the final exam.
  • This exam is a mock exam which has no influence on any current grades.
  • The quizzes will have 100 questions for a total of 100 points.
  • Partners should be paired in a way that forms the most balanced combination i.e. if one person scores the highest on the quizzes with a score of 100, and other person scores the lowest with a zero, then in such a case, they would be paired together.

Known pairs: Edit


Penalties Edit

There are two ways to fail this exam:

  • If the final grade a pair gets on any one subject is under 60 points, then both members of the pair will be required to drop out. This 60 point threshold is the combined score of both of the two partners. 
  • The overall total score will be based on the total score of the pair. Even if one gets above 30 points in all eight subjects, if the pair's overall total points are below the standard, both partners will be expelled. 

Guidelines Edit

  • Each class will also be asked to brainstorm and write their own final exam questions.
  • The questions they write will be used as the questions on the exam for one of the other three classes. In other words, they will have to launch an "attack" against one of the other classes, and the class that intercepts this attack will have to "defend".
  • A class simply needs to nominate the desired class and inform about it beforehand. When more than one class nominate to attack the same class, the school will call upon the class representatives for the drawing of lots.
  • The school will compare the overall grades on the finals between the two classes, and the class that wins will receive a total of 50 Class Points from the losing class.
  • In a case where the exam becomes a direct match between two classes then the wager will be temporarily set to 100 instead of 50. But if the total score is the same in the end, the result will be a tie and there won't be any change in the number of points.
Attacks on Defends against
Class A
Class B
Class B
Class B
Class A
Class A
Class C
Class D
Class D
Class D
Class C
Class C

Result Edit

Class Points
Class A
974▲ (+100)
Class B
653▼ (-100)
Class C
442▼ (-100)
Class D
362▲ (+100)

Trivia Edit

  • Class A won against Class B by only 2 points.[1]
  • This is the first exam after the formation of Ayanokōji Group.

References Edit

  1. You-Zitsu Light Novel — Light Novel Volume 7
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