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Realised Feelings cover
"Realised Feelings"
 Japanese 気づいた心
 Rōmaji Kizuita Kokoro
Book Data
 Author Shōgo Kinugasa (Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Illustration)
 SS No. 30
 Available in Light Novel Volume 7.5 (Toranoana's Privilege-only)
 Pages 8
 Cover Kei Karuizawa
 Release Date January 25, 2018 (JP)
SS Chronology
 Previous "Ibuki, Ishizaki, Albert, and Shiina's Day"
 Next "The Cupid Karuizawa"
Character Debut
None in this SS

"Realised Feelings" (気づいた心, Kizuita Kokoro) is a short story from Toranoana's store privilege for volume 7.5 of You-Zitsu light novel series, together with other two short stories.

Summary Edit

On Christmas Day, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji and Kei Karuizawa accompanied one another on a stroll after their first meeting with the Student Council Vice-President Kiriyama. During the said stroll, Kei announced her intentions to Kiyotaka about breaking up with Yōsuke Hirata, realising that she has the capability to be more socially independent. They mused upon the impact of such action, drawing up conclusions about Yōsuke becoming sought out by the maidens at school, and they also found that they were unable to deduce whether or not Yōsuke was interested in relationship despite Kei's close relation with him. To symbolise her decision, Kei reverted to calling Yōsuke by his last name, Hirata.

However, while Kei called Yōsuke by his last name, she neglected to do the same with Kiyotaka, which he noticed and pointed out. Kei misunderstood and interpreted that as disapproval of a first name basis. Kiyotaka corrected her misinterpretation and told her that she has the freedom to call him whatever she liked. After that, Kiyotaka threw back a suggestion to call Kei by her first name as well.

Kiyotaka changed the topic to sate his interest on the proposer of the "double date" plan, where he asked whether or not Maya Satō was the original proposer of the plan. As to how he found out Kiyotaka casually remarked about Kei's fantastic acting in contrast to Maya's subpar acting. Kei became dejected about how easily they were found out but also agreed with his statement.

Kiyotaka revealed to her that he had a Christmas present for her. He clarified that his present wasn't really a Christmas present, but an ordinary present. Upon opening the present, she found cold medicine and a receipt. Kei read the receipt to find that the cold medicine was bought two days ago. Kiyotaka explained that he knew Kei and Maya had planned the double date from an early stage because he saw them together by coincidence after buying the cold medicine. It was also this sighting that explained to Kiyotaka that Kei was in perfectly good health despite the rooftop incident.

Her realisation that Kiyotaka had been constantly worried about her since rooftop incident was the final nail in the coffin for realising her feelings for him.

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