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Ryūji Kanzaki LN visual

Ryūji Kanzaki Anime

Ryūji Kanzaki
 Japanese 神崎 隆二
 Rōmaji Kanzaki Ryūji
 Gender Male Symbol Male
 Age 17
 Birthday Sagittarius Symbol December 5
 Height 174 cm
 Hair Colour Violet
 Eye Colour Yellow
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Student ID S01T004662
 Class 1-B (1st Year)
2-B (2nd Year)
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
Class Representative
 Private Point 176408
 Manga Volume 3, Room 12
 Anime Episode 4
 Japanese Akihisa Wakayama
 English Ricco Fajardo

Ryūji Kanzaki ( (かん) (ざき) (りゅう) () , Kanzaki Ryūji) is one of the students of class 2-B.

Appearance Edit

Ryūji Kanzaki Anime Appearance

Ryūji Kanzaki's full appearance in the anime.

Ryūji is a young man of average height with violet-bluish coloured hair and purple eyes.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Ryūji, but he appears to be a diligent student, who behaves in a serious manner. He is a very helpful person, as shown when he aided Honami Ichinose in the case of Ken Sudō.

He is a friendly person, as he does not look down on D-Class and gets along with them, he sat with Honami to talk after the survival test and shared a laugh with her about how their class lost after coming in second.

Abilities Edit

Academic Abilities Edit

Intellectual Abilities Edit

As a student of B-Class, he is very intelligent, which is shown when he recognized the fact that three boys from C-Class could have overpowered Sudō due to their athletic abilities. His theory was proven to be correct as the attack was a set-up to frame Sudō in order to get him expelled.

Plot Edit

Episode 004-05

Ryūji helping D-Class.

Ryūji is first introduced in his class when their teacher Chie Hoshinomiya announced their class grades after a quiz. Later on, he is asked by Honami to help D-Class prove the innocence of Ken Sudo. Ryūji agreed and put up flyers searching for witnesses of the attack. She later brought him along to meet Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, who saw the flyers, and mentioned to Kiyotaka that it was Ryūji's idea. When Honami got alerted, he was intrigued because they obtained information about Daichi Ishizaki, which prompted in Ryūji doubting C-Class' story leading him to believe the attack was a set-up. He leaves with Honami, who promises Kiyotaka that she provides more information to him if they find some.

During the survival test, he and Honami go to C-Class' camp but they found it deserted. They were joined by Kiyotaka and Airi who were scouting the forest but ended up at the beach. Ryūji asked Kiyotaka if he was scouting as well, but the latter replied it was just by chance as Honami bemoaned the fact that she didn't get the chance to discover C-Class' leader. Ryūji told her what the purpose of the test is, to which she agreed with him. When Kiyotaka asked Honami about Kōhei Katsuragi, both she and Ryūji informed him of his status as one of A-Class' leaders alongside Arisu Sakayanagi, even detailing how there appeared to be a leadership conflict between those two.

Episode 012-04

Ryūji being surprised at the test's results.

On the final day of the test, B-Class chose not to guess the leaders of the other camps since their bonus points will be negated if they were wrong. When the results were given, B-Class was in second place while D-Class was in first, leaving A-Class in third place and C-Class last. Ryūji was surprised at these results along with the rest of his class.

After returning to the cruise ship, Ryūji sat with Honami and they talked about the survival test. Honami happily stated that it was their class' loss even if they were second, something he agreed with. She soon changed the topic by questioning him over what they were told about points and how they could decide on what to do with them, as he pondered about her question.

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Ryūji is seen with his class celebrating the class point result after the Paper Shuffle test.

In Volume 10, he volunteered himself to get the most criticism votes during the special exam, Class Poll. However, he was not expelled thanks to 20 million private points from the class.

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Trivia Edit

  • He shares the same student identification number with Satoru Kaneda.

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