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The Sports Festival is an annual sports competition held at Advanced Nurturing High School joined by its students ranging all year levels. This test mainly aims to assess and hone the physical ability of students and how they fair against others.

Guidelines Edit

  1. The sports festival's competitive system is built upon dividing all school years between the Red Team and the White Team.
    • Class A and Class D will be on the Red Team.
    • Class B and Class C will be on the White Team
  2. Allocation of points for all participants in the competitions (Individual Contests)
    • 1st placer gets 15 points
    • 2nd placer gets 12 points
    • 3rd placer 10 points
    • 4th placer 8 points
    • 1 point each will be deducted for placing lower than 5th place.
  3. In the case of team competitions the winning team will be allocated 500 points.
  4. Allocation of points for participants of recommended competitions
    • 1st placer gets 50 points
    • 2nd placer gets 30 points
    • 3rd placer 15 points
    • 4th placer 10 points
    • 2 points each will be deducted for placing lower than 5th place
      • The relay which will be the final contest will be awarding 3 times the points.
  5. The impact of the outcome of Red Team vs. White Team
    • From the totality of all the school years the losing team will have 100 points equally subtracted from their class points across all school years.
  6. The impact of separate ordering of school years
    • The class that takes 1st place will be awarded 50 class points.
    • The class that takes 2nd place will not have any change to their class points.
    • The class that takes 3rd place will have 50 class points subtracted.
    • The class that takes 4th place will have 100 class points subtracted.

Rules Edit

Administrators Edit

Participants Edit

Year Level White Team Red Team
Freshman 1-B 1-C 1-A 1-D

Event Proper Edit

Game Masterlist Edit

Individual Sports Contests Team Participation Contests
  • 100-m sprint
  • Scavenger hunt race
  • 200-m sprint
  • 4-way tug of war
  • Hurdle race
  • 3-legged race Male SymbolFemale Symbol
  • Obstacle course
  • Joint 1200-m relay Male SymbolFemale Symbol
  • 3-legged race
  • Pole Toppling Male Symbol
  • Tamaire Female Symbol
  • Tug of war Male SymbolFemale Symbol
  • Cavalry fight

Game Participation List Edit

100-m sprint Edit

200-m sprint Edit

Hurdle race Edit

Obstacle course Edit

3-legged race Edit

Pole Toppling Edit

Tamaire Edit

Tug of war Edit

Cavalry fight Edit

Scavenger hunt race Edit

4-way tug of war Edit

3-legged race Edit

Joint 1200-m relay Edit

Class Member Line-Up

Results Edit

Team Basis Edit

Team Class Points
Red Team [Reward]: ▲ (+100)
White Team [Penalty] ▼ (-100)

Year Level Basis Edit

Year Level Class Rank Class Points
Junior 3-A 1st ▲ (+50)
Sophomore 2-A 1st ▲ (+50)
Freshman 1-A 3rd ▼ (-50)
1-B 1st ▲ (+50)
1-C 2nd ⚫ (0)
1-D 4th ▼ (-100)

Class Basis Edit

Year Level Class Rank Class Points
Junior 3-A 1st N/A ▲ (+50)
3-B N/A
3-C N/A
3-D N/A
Sophomore 2-A 1st ▲ (+50)
2-B N/A
2-C N/A
2-D N/A
Freshman 1-A 3rd 874 ▼ (-50)
1-B 1st 753 ▲ (+50)
1-C 2nd 542 ⚫ (0)
1-D 4th 262 ▼ (-100)
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