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Episode 004-07

Student Council Room.

The Student Council ( (せい) () (かい) , Seitokai) is an organization within Advanced Nurturing High School with high authority. They are a group of students who are elected to address issues of concern and conduct special meeting among classes. When necessary, they can call for an expulsion of other students.

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  • Kiyotaka Ayanokōji was offered a chance to become secretary on the council in Volume 2. [1] He was invited once again in Volume 4.5 to fill the role as the second Vice President. He had rejected both times due to finding the work to be troublesome.
  • It was mentioned by Kakeru Ryūen that Kōhei Katsuragi was rejected from joining for unknown reasons.[2] In Volume 7, we find out it was because Manabu didn't want Nagumo influencing Katsuragi and bringing him over to his side.
  • It is shown in light novels that Honami Ichinose wanted to join Student council but was rejected by Manabu but he was pursued by Miyabi Nagumo who later instated her as a First Year Representative.

References Edit

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