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Swimsuit Short Story Suzune Horikita Chapter cover
"Swimsuit Short Story: Suzune Horikita Chapter"
 Japanese 水着SS・堀北鈴音編
 Rōmaji Mizugi Shōto Sutōrī・Horikita Suzune-hen
Book Data
 Author Shōgo Kinugasa (Story)
Tomoseshunsaku (Illustration)
 SS No. 19
 Available in Light Novel Volume 4.5 (Gamers' Privilege-only, interlocking with Manga Volume 1)
 Cover Suzune Horikita
 Release Date September 23, 2016 (JP)
SS Chronology
 Previous "Swimsuit Short Story: Airi Sakura Chapter"
 Next "Swimsuit Short Story: Kei Karuizawa Chapter"
Character Debut
None in this SS

"Swimsuit Short Story: Suzune Horikita Chapter" (水着SS・堀北鈴音編, Mizugi Shōto Sutōrī・Horikita Suzune-hen) is a short story from Gamers' store privilege for the first short story collection of You-Zitsu light novel series, interlocking with the purchase of the first volume of the manga series. Along with other four, it's a part of bonus swimsuit short stories.

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