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Teruhiko Yukimura LN visual

Teruhiko Yukimura Anime

Teruhiko Yukimura
 Japanese 幸村 輝彦
 Rōmaji Yukimura Teruhiko
 Nickname Keisei Yukimura (幸村 啓誠, Yukimura Keisei) (by Ayanokōji Group)
Yukimū (ゆきむー, Yukimū) (by Haruka Hasebe)
 Gender Male Symbol Male
 Age 16
 Birthday Cancer Symbol July 11
 Hair Colour Gray
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Student ID S01T004708
 Class 1-D
 Group Ayanokōji Group
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
 Private Point 53212 (history)
 Light Novel Volume 3
 Manga Volume 4, Room 17
 Anime Episode 9
 Japanese Tsubasa Gōda
 English Josh Grelle

Teruhiko Yukimura ( (ゆき) (むら) (てる) (ひこ) , Yukimura Teruhiko) is a student of class 1-D. Despite his excellent academic ability, his poor athletic ability and his lack of social skills landed him in the D-Class. In the anime, he is seated in the first place of the fifth row, next to the door.

Background Edit

Teruhiko has been studying from childhood so he didn't have time to make friends. His mother left their family for unknown reasons which cause him to seemly hate her for leaving his family and him.

Appearance Edit

Teruhiko Yukimura Anime Appearance

Teruhiko Yukimura's full appearance.

Teruhiko is a young man of average height with grey hair and red eyes. He wears glasses and is usually seen in the standard school uniform.

Personality Edit

Originally, Teruhiko looked down on the rest of the class 1-D and is not athletic at all. Later on, he accepts what he is missing and tries to help two certain students study for a test.

He does not like his first name Teruhiko, given to him by his mother who left their family. He prefers the name his father gave him: Keisei (啓誠, Keisei).

He is rather dull when it comes to romance since he never experienced such a thing. For him, romance is just some "vulgar world things".

Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Teruhiko has poor athleticism, which as a result causes him to have a poor physique and poor talent in physical activities.

Intellectual Abilities Edit

According to his interviewer and the homeroom teacher Sae Chabashira, his interview and written examination grades are all extremely excellent. This quirk was clearly manifested during the midterms examination where he got the top average score in his D-Class.

Academic Abilities Edit

His historical testimonies include him having no problems in treating the classes seriously. With that matter at hand, it was clear that his academic records are sufficient enough to get him into the school of choice. Although his academic and intellectual skills are on par with those top students among his ranks, he has a tendency to judge people based solely on their academic performances. With this weakness alone, it is expected that he'll strengthen this aspect over the course of his stay in the school.

Plot Edit

In episode 9, he was seen arguing with other classmates, girls especially, about how to use the points allocated for the island exam. He was later seen in episode 12 with the whole class, astonished to the special exam outcome.

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He later appears in Volume 4 of the light novel as one of Kiyotaka's roommates on "Speranza", he was assigned to the same group as Kiyotaka, the Rabbit group, during the second special exam, which took place on the boat. He also played a role in clearing that same exam.

As of Volume 6, he, along with three other classmates, formed a study group, the Ayanokōji Group. He was seen again, along with the other study group members, being questioned by Kakeru about the identity of X, to which he answered that apart from Horikita, no one in the class could be X.

He appears again in Volume 7, along with the group, in front of Keyaki Shopping Center. He was quite surprised after hearing from Hasebe that Kiyotaka planned on starting a romantic relationship, stating with his own words "vulgar world things" until the latter dissipated all the misunderstanding.

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Trivia Edit

  • As D-Class is for those who have defective traits, his defect is his tendency to solely judge people on their academic ability.
  • He shares the same student identification number with Albert Yamada.

References Edit


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