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WARNING! This article contains information from the light novel.
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The Class Poll (クラス内投票, Kurasu-nai Tōhyō) is the supplementary exam for the first year students of Advanced Nurturing High School before the last special exam .

Starting from Tuesday, March 2nd, For the next four days till Saturday, students will evaluate their fellow classmates and select three students worthy of praise and three students worthy of criticism and cast their votes for them.

Rules Edit

The exam consists of a class vote, where each student in each class is allotted three praise votes and three criticism votes.

Rule 1: Praise and criticism votes invalidate each other. Praise votes – Criticism votes = Results.

Rule 2: You can’t cast praise or criticism votes for yourself.

Rule 3: Voting multiple times for the same person, leaving part of the ballot blank, abstaining from the vote altogether and other acts of this nature are prohibited.

Rule 4: The exam will be repeated until the first and last place students are determined.

Rule 5: It is required to cast a separate dedicated praise vote for a student in another class.

Rewards and Penalties Edit

  • The student who accumulates the most praise votes will be given a Protection point.
Protection points grant you the right to override an expulsion. Even if you were to fail a test, as long as you have a protection point, you can use it to cancel out the questions you had gotten wrong. However, these points cannot be transferred between students.
  • The student who accumulates the most criticism votes will be Expelled.

Results Edit

Most Praise votes Most Criticism votes
Class 1-A
Class 1-B
Class 1-C
Class 1-D

Apart from Class 1-B's Ryūji Kanzaki (who was saved by spending 20 million private points), everyone else with most criticism votes got expelled from school.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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