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Episode 010-07

A glimpse at Kiyotaka's past in the White Room.

The White Room (ホワイトルーム, Howaito Rūmu) is an educational institution where the early upbringing of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji took place. It was headed by Kiyotaka's father and was the main cause of the talents that he had developed which would help him in his later years.

History Edit

The White Room was established 20 years ago which was founded and headed by Kiyotaka's father Prof Ayanokōji. It is an educational institution to raise a human and removing unnecessary things from their education. However, the institution was temporarily shut down for one year. This gave Kiyotaka a chance to escape to the Advanced Nurturing High School.

The room appeared in anime flashbacks when Kiyotaka, as a young child, and other children were lined up before one of them suddenly collapses as the other children are worried but he simply looks on unfazed.[1]

At some point in the past, a man who was later revealed to be his father appeared, told him that those who waste their talents are fools, which is probably the reason as to why he prefers to keep his talents hidden from others as to discard that man's ideals.[2] Sometime after that, due to being suffered from the arduous training, a majority of the children dropped out leaving Kiyotaka as the only known remaining survivor,[3] that led him to regard all humans as mere tools.[4]

According to Kiyotaka, during a meeting between him and his father, he had said that the White Room was perhaps the most efficient place in the whole world to raise a human, but it couldn't teach everything. It was an institution that threw away anything unnecessary to the extremes.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Although the room makes minor appearances in the anime, its name was only mentioned by Arisu Sakayanagi in Light Novel Volume 5.
  • Although the White Room is the most “effecient” place to raise a human, it does not teach the necessary social skills for everyday life as shown is Volume 8 during the Mixed Training Camp.

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