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Yahiko Totsuka LN visual

Yahiko Totsuka Anime

Yahiko Totsuka
 Japanese 戸塚 弥彦
 Rōmaji Totsuka Yahiko
 Gender Male Symbol Male
 Age 16
 Birthday Taurus Symbol May 12
 Hair Colour Green
 Eye Colour Green
Professional Status
 Status Inactive
 Student ID S01T004681
 Class 1-A (1st Year)
 Group Katsuragi Faction
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School (formerly)
 Occupation Student
 Private Point 342215
 Light Novel Volume 3
 Manga Volume 4, Room 17
 Anime Episode 8
 Japanese Daisuke Motohashi

Yahiko Totsuka ( () (つか) () (ひこ) , Totsuka Yahiko) is a former student of class 1-A.

Appearance Edit

Yahiko is an average young man of average proportions. He has green hair and matching eyes. He is seen normally wearing his school uniform.

Personality Edit

As a student of the upper classes, Yahiko comes off as rather egotistical and condescending to those of the lower classes even calling them trash. However, when threatened by the people he mocked, Yahiko becomes very scared, as shown when he was grabbed by an angry Ken Sudō for his insults to him and his friends.

Yahiko is also compliant and loyal as shown when he did not try to argue with Kōhei Katsuragi after he reprimanded him for his actions and as he was getting lectured by Kōhei on why keeping quiet is extremely important on the island's test.

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Plot Edit

Episode 008-15

Yahiko and Sudō being intervened by Kōhei.

Yahiko is first seen on the cruise where he mocks students from D-Class by calling them trash for the unrefined manners. He is then grabbed by Ken Sudō who threatens him for his mocking words, as Yahiko becomes scared but the confrontation is quickly ended by Kōhei who reprimands him for his actions, warning about the consequence of what could occur. Heeding his advice, Yahiko ceases his actions and does not try to insult the D-Class students again.

Episode 009-10

Katsuragi and Yahiko at a spot.

During the survival test, Yahiko was made the leader of A-Class' group. When he and Kōhei secured a spot, he and the latter talked about the purpose of the test with Yahiko being impressed by his leader's intellect. Kōhei soon had the feeling someone was watching and using the key card, he pretended he was the leader as a way to throw the possible eavesdropper off.

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In Volume 10, Yahiko was expelled from the school after getting the lowest combined amount of votes in the class after the special exam ended. Class 1-A couldn't cover 20 million points needed to save him, making him the first student of the class to receive expulsion from the school.

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