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‎3 Idiots of D-Class ‎ (U)
‎Advanced Nurturing High School ‎ (U) (U)
‎Airi Sakura ‎ (U) (U)
‎Airi Sakura/Relationships ‎ (U) (U)
‎Akane Tachibana ‎ (U)
‎Akane Tachibana/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Akito Miyake ‎ (U)
‎Akito Miyake/Relationships
‎Albert Yamada ‎ (U)
‎Albert Yamada/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Arisu Sakayanagi ‎ (U)
‎Arisu Sakayanagi/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Ayanokōji Group ‎ (U)
‎Beautiful Soldier ‎ (U)
‎BD/DVD Volume 1 ‎ (U)
‎BD/DVD Volume 2 ‎ (U)
‎BD/DVD Volume 3 ‎ (U)
‎BD/DVD Volume 4 ‎ (U)
‎Caste Room ‎ (U) (U) (U) (U)
‎Chiaki Matsushita ‎ (U)
‎Chiaki Matsushita/Relationships
‎Chie Hoshinomiya ‎ (U)
‎Chie Hoshinomiya/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Chihiro Shiranami ‎ (U)
‎Chihiro Shiranami/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Class 1-A ‎ (U)
‎Class 1-A/Progression ‎ (U) (U) (U) (U)
‎Class 1-B ‎ (U)
‎Class 1-B/Progression ‎ (U) (U) (U) (U)
‎Class 1-C ‎ (U)
‎Class 1-C/Progression ‎ (U) (U) (U) (U)
‎Class 1-D ‎ (U)
‎Class 1-D/Progression ‎ (U) (U) (U) (U)
‎Daichi Ishizaki ‎ (U)
Daichi Ishizaki/Relationships
‎Deserted Island ‎ (U)
‎Episode 1/Screenplay‎ (U) (U) (U)
‎Episode 10/Screenplay‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 11/Screenplay‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 12/Screenplay‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 2/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 3/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 4/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 5/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 6/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 7/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 8/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Episode 9/Screenplay‎‎ (U) (U)
‎Haruka Hasebe ‎ (U)
‎Haruka Hasebe/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Haruki Yamauchi ‎ (U)
Haruki Yamauchi/Relationships
‎Hideo Sotomura ‎ (U) (U)
Hideo Sotomura/Relationships
‎Hiyori Shiina ‎ (U)
‎Hiyori Shiina/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Honami Ichinose ‎ (U) (U)
‎Honami Ichinose/Relationships ‎ (U) (U)
‎Kakeru Ryūen ‎ (U)
‎Kakeru Ryūen/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Kanji Ike ‎ (U)
Kanji Ike/Relationships
‎Katsuragi Faction ‎ (U)
‎Kazuma Sakagami ‎ (U)
Kazuma Sakagami/Relationships
‎Kei Karuizawa ‎ (U)
‎Kei Karuizawa/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Ken Sudō ‎ (U) (U)
‎Ken Sudō/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Kikyō Kushida ‎ (U)
‎Kikyō Kushida/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Kiyotaka Ayanokōji ‎ (U) (U) (U)
‎Kiyotaka Ayanokōji/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Kōhei Katsuragi ‎ (U) (U)
‎Kōhei Katsuragi/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Kokoro Inogashira ‎ (U)
Kokoro Inogashira/Relationships
‎Kyōgo Komiya ‎ (U)
Kyōgo Komiya/Relationships
‎List of Animation Credits ‎ (U) (U)
‎List of Omakes ‎ (U) (U)
‎Mako Amikura ‎ (U)
Mako Amikura/Relationships
‎Manabu Horikita ‎ (U) (U)
‎Manabu Horikita/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Masayoshi Hashimoto ‎ (U)
Masayoshi Hashimoto/Relationships
‎Masumi Kamuro ‎ (U)
Masumi Kamuro/Relationships
‎Maya Satō ‎ (U)
‎Maya Satō/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Mei-Yu Wang ‎ (U)
Mei-Yu Wang/Relationships
‎Mio Ibuki ‎ (U) (U) (U)
‎Mio Ibuki/Relationships ‎ (U) (U)
‎Monthly Comic Alive ‎ (U) (U)
‎Reo Kondō ‎ (U)
Reo Kondō/Relationships
‎Rokusuke Kōenji ‎ (U)
Rokusuke Kōenji/Relationships
‎Ryūji Kanzaki ‎ (U)
Ryūji Kanzaki/Relationships
‎Sae Chabashira ‎ (U)
‎Sae Chabashira/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎Sakagaki ‎ (U) (U)
‎Sakayanagi Faction ‎ (U)
‎Satoru Kaneda ‎ (U)
Satoru Kaneda/Relationships
‎Satsuki Shinohara ‎ (U)
Satsuki Shinohara/Relationships
‎Shōgo Kinugasa ‎ (U) (U)
‎Sō Shibata ‎ (U)
Sō Shibata/Relationships
‎Student Council ‎ (U)
‎Suzune Horikita ‎ (U) (U)
‎Suzune Horikita/Relationships ‎ (U) (U) (U)
‎Terminology ‎ (U)
‎Teruhiko Yukimura ‎ (U)
Teruhiko Yukimura/Relationships (U) (U)
‎Tomoseshunsaku ‎ (U)
‎Tomoya Mashima ‎ (U)
‎Tomoya Mashima/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎White Room ‎ (U) (U)
‎Yahiko Totsuka ‎ (U)
Yahiko Totsuka/Relationships
‎Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e (Anime) ‎ (U) (U)
‎Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e (Manga) ‎ (U) (U)
‎Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e ‎ (U) (U)
‎Yōsuke Hirata ‎ (U)
‎Yōsuke Hirata/Relationships ‎ (U)
‎You-Zitsu: √Horikita ‎ (U) (U)
‎You-Zitsu: Art Fan Book Winter 2017 ‎ (U)
‎You-Zitsu: Character Profile Vol. 1 ‎ (U) (U)
‎You-Zitsu: Character Profile Vol. 2 ‎ (U) (U)
‎You-Zitsu: Music Collection ‎ (U)
‎You-Zitsu: Other School Days ‎ (U) (U)
‎You-Zitsu: Tomoseshunsaku Art Works ‎ (U)
‎Yukitsu Kusuda ‎ (U)
Yukitsu Kusuda/Relationships
‎Yume Kobashi ‎ (U)
Yume Kobashi/Relationships
‎Yuyu Ichino ‎ (U)
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