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What You-Zitsu Wiki is Not!

You-Zitsu Wiki, as of August 10, 2017, has an official Discord server. It is a more convenient cross-platform voice and text chat app than the pre-existing Wikia integrated chat designed to connect You-Zitsu communities together. It can be accessed through a web browser or the Discord app which can be downloaded from their website.

How to join

  1. Register an Discord account if you don't have one. This can be done here. Afterwards, make sure the email used to register the account is verified.
  2. Get Discord. You can download the Discord app here. Alternatively, you can use Discord in-browser.
  3. Connect to the official You-Zitsu Community Discord. You can join by clicking the Connect button on the Discord widget, which can be found both at the side of all wiki pages and at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can join by going to this invite link.


These are the general rules that are to be followed when joining the Discord server. Please note that the wiki's wiki policies and chat rules applies here as well. To reiterate, here are the core rules you must follow:

  1. Apply common sense, be polite and respectful. Discussions with no effort, spam, shitposting and being cancerous are prohibited. If you notice any such behaviour please notify staff if they're not present. Avoid discussions which could lead to a series' heroine debate. Pinging roles without a valid reason will be dealt with
  2. Stay on topic in the text channels. Some channels specify in the pinned messages. If a Staff member asks to move a discussion to another channel, please comply. Think about what you're going to send before participating. All content beyond the current translated volumes will be treated as SPOILERS and kept within #✧the-underground✧ and camp channels. Also, discussion and spoilers for other series are be kept to #extracurricular-activities
  3. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) posts are strictly prohibited per Discord ToS, which includes porn/hentai and gore. Discussion topics involving race, sexuality, and politics in the server is discouraged. If you must, do it in #extracurricular-activities
  4. Self-promotion and providing professional therapy is prohibited. Personal matters shouldn't be talked about here. If you need to speak with someone, do so in DMs. Do not ask staff for assistance in any such affairs.
  5. The usage of inappropriate or controversial nicknames, including but not limited to, racist names, names with spoilers and outright offensive ones is strictly prohibited. As a warning a moderator will forcefully change your nickname and further breaches of this rule will lead to more severe penalties.
  6. Do not impersonate any community figures or server moderators/staff/bots.
  7. Disputes which serve to disrupt or disobey the server rules are prohibited. If you have any grievances towards the server and/or with the jurisdiction of a Staff member, take up the issue with staff in DMs. Any trolling/sarcasm towards staff decisions will not be taken lightly.
  8. The Discord Guidelines and ToS (Terms of Service) apply whilst in our server. You can check them out here: and


Roles on Discord are similar to Wikia's user groups; different roles have different colors and permissions that allow or revoke access to certain things.

Besides, there are some custom roles and non-leveled roles. Though not-so-important, you can find it after joining the server. Please be noted that the roles are subject to the discretion of the local wiki and discord staffs and the demand dependent on it.



If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.

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