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Below are the guidelines of Image project.

Overview Edit

The project is created for You-Zitsu Wiki editors to improve articles and image variety on the site by uploading and cataloging images & video clips for articles where necessary.

All interested users must read the guidelines presented below before executing the improvement.

Tasks Edit

Tasks for the project are listed below:

  1. To assure all images have proper description and license.
  2. To assure all content articles have proper images.
  3. To assure all events have proper images.

Editors who are recognized to have good contribution to the article, each of them will receive 10 full contribution points per image.

How to Participate Edit

Three prerequisites: (1) A registered Wikia account, (2) free time, and (3) spirit of volunteering. Once you have these three, you're ready to go for the community project. Please remember that all new information must have a Fair Use Rationale.

Contribution Reward Edit

For those who greatly contribute to the project, in other words, editors with at least 500 contribution points may receive a userbox reward associated with the project by the wiki staff.

ProjectBadge6 This user achieved the badge by greatly contributing to Image Project.

Special Guidelines Edit

These are the guidelines to keep in mind when putting images and they are also things that might be helpful if you are adding images for the very first time. They are also designed to comply with the wiki's best practice.

  1. Always keep in mind the Image policy and Manual of Style while joining the project.
  2. Anime images take precedent over light novel and manga images. If an appropriate one is not available, use light novel or manga image instead if applicant. It is perfectly acceptable to wait for sufficient anime images. You will obviously need to get pictures but that is after the article is set up and done properly (with information properly referenced). Due to the anime ending, light novel and manga images will be fine to use as placeholders until such a time, if any, the anime returns to production.
  3. The wiki staff will go over your work to make sure that it was handled correctly, so you have an understanding of what they are expected to look like as far as the finished product is concerned.

Contributors Edit

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