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Below are the guidelines of Inconsistency project.


The project was created for You-Zitsu Wiki editors who have the task to find glaring inconsistencies among different parts of the series, including contradictory information among the light novel, manga and anime series. All media within the franchise is acceptable, from anime-only material to spin-off.

All interested users must read the guidelines presented below before executing the improvement.


Tasks for the project are listed below:

  1. To find inconsistencies between light novel and its adaptations: manga and anime series.
  2. To find inconsistencies between different parts of the same media: manga chapters and anime episodes,...
  3. To note parts from light novel haven't adapted into other series.
  4. To point out which parts not appearing in the light novel but originating from anime or manga series.
  5. To review, rewrite & general update.

How to Participate

If you come across anything from the series that you believe fits within the scope of the project, add it to the section below titled "List of Inconsistencies". Please do not use <ref></ref> tags to cite the source, simply include them with the information for the staff or other project members will determine if it is a valid inconsistency.

Once they're done assessing the task, they will move the project job template to accomplished tab if it is done properly. If you believe an article should be added to the project, please use comment on this blog. The staff will check it over and add it to the project if it is determined to need work.

Contribution Reward

For those who greatly contribute to the project, you may receive a userbox reward associated with the project by the wiki staff.

This user achieved the badge by greatly contributing to Inconsistency Project.
This user is the awardee of this badge.


On , this badge is granted to [[User:|]], by [[User:|]] for invaluable contribution/s to the following articles:

List of Consistencies

Main article: /On-Going Projects

Approved Inconsistencies

Main article: /Accomplishments

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