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What You-Zitsu Wiki is Not!

Below are the guidelines of Terminology project.


The project was created for You-Zitsu Wiki editors who have the task to to document every important terminology of character/term within the series. All users should read our Guidelines below before you start improving.


Tasks for the project are listed below:

  1. To add the first appearance in the series.
  2. To discuss and give important interesting facts which most people don't know.
  3. To demonstrate important plot points the character involve which are debatable.
  4. To demonstrate an aspect of the character we have never seen before is revealed.

Contribution Reward

For those who greatly contribute to the project, you may receive a userbox reward associated with the project by the wiki staff.

ProjectBadge3 This user achieved the badge by greatly contributing to Terminology Project.


  • User must be recognized to contribute to one project or more to join in this project.
  • All sugestion of terminologies must follow correct formatting as listed below.
  • Check the completion list before bringing on to see if it completed or not.
  • If there is more information to be added or revealed on a terminology, the wiki staff may remove an item from the completion list.
  • All works should be done on on your own workspace (click to create). Put a link to the workspace, so that other users may coordinate with you who does what.
  • Make the terminologies consistent with the light novel source as much as possible, with reconsidering topics on Inconsistency project.
  • Users are only allowed to edit their own workspace. For other people's workspaces, if you want to suggest a fix or improvement, use their workspaces' comment section.


== Character/Location Name ==
;Source: Volume/Chapter/Episode Number (Page Number)

List of Approved Workspaces

Main article: /On-Going Projects

Completed Lists

Main article: /Accomplishments

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